World’s Most Expensive Cities

Put luxury on the next level and move in world's most expensive cities.


There are many cities in this world which would want us to visit or why not to live there, but on which criteria we select them?

Well if we would choose them on the criteria of life costs than we might want to know which are the most expensive cities to live in.

World’s Most Expensive Cities are definitely offering many attractions and we might easily fall in love with them.

2015 world’s most expensive cities list looks a little bit different from the previous one, putting SINGAPORE on the top of the list. What makes this city so expensive? According to a study made there, for a loaf of bread, a bottle of wine and a pack of cigarettes you will may approx. $50.11. The Economist Intelligence Unit makes a list with the cost of living around the world every two years and than compares the price of different products including food, rent and recreational costs.

If you decide to move in Monaco it would be interesting to know that with $ 1 million you buy only 17 sq m of luxury property.

On 2015 Hong Kong is on the third position on the world’s most expensive cities. Here $1 million buys 20 sq m of real estate.

London maintains its position on fourth place and maintains its beauty and elegance too. London would be a great new start for a life which keeps its magic. Here luxury apartments will start their prices from £8.5 million to £15.6 million. $ 1 million buys 21 sq m of prime property

The crowded but full of interesting attractions New York is on the fifth position on the world’s most expensive cities in the world and looks like $1 million buys 34 sq m of property space.



So for a luxurious life these cities will definitely not go wrong being oasis of luxury and lavishness. I really hope that if you decide to move in one of these they will thank your expectations. Enjoy luxury!