Wonderful Afternoon Tea in Dubai

The pleasure of having a wonderful afternoon tea in Dubai, is from now on even more pleasant!

afternoon tea

If you’re wondering where you can drink a sweet tea this afternoon, well I was thinking the same so I created a list of those special afternoon tea places in Dubai where the flavor of traditional English tea remains but it is mixed up with a scent of Dubai and this is how they create magic.

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We all know that tea must be drank with passion, patience, love and expectation. You order a tea when you want to reconnect with yourself.

Tea is that moment of peace.

Now it’s time to see where we can have this wonderful afternoon tea in Dubai.

One of my favorite places, where they serve lovely sweets accompanied by fabulous tea is The Lobby Lounge, ideal for afternoon tea. Here you’ll feel refreshed because it is very spacious, bright, airy. People come here for relaxation and elegance and of course for the harpist who sings live. The terrace which gives you a splendid view of the gardens and pool is also an attraction for tea lovers. The classic afternoon tea here, includes:

  • Sized scones with clotted cream
  • Jams and preserves to beef and salmon sandwiches (something like mini burgers)
  • Chocolate-covered strawberries
  • Goat’s cheese mini tarts.

Of course all these marvels come along with a sweet pot of tea. You’ll find the staff very friendly and well educated and for a delightful afternoon, you will love this place.

Another lovely place where you can enjoy your afternoon tea is Al Bayt located in the lobby of Arabian-style The Palace Downtown, a well known place for those enjoying good food. Here is a place of calmness, where a beautiful petal-filled fountain sings in the background and elegant flower arrangements stand right in the centre of the room. You can have traditional afternoon tea or an Arabic afternoon tea. For the Arabic you can order:

  • A vast selection of Arabic teas and sandwiches 
  • Tasty shawarma
  • Kofta concoctions 
  • Scones flavoured with saffron and cardamom
  • Camel milk crem crème brûlée 

Those who are visiting Dubai this is a wonderful opportunity to be delighted by Arabic food.

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For a memorable afternoon tea this next place is a unique special one, named Peacock Alley. Here you’ll have a high class afternoon tea, where luxury can be seen in every detail. The tableware, the food and the teapots are purely marvelous. You will be served like a royal and a well selected variation of TWG tea will arrive on a trolley. You can have either a London or Parisian package. The Parisian package includes:

  • Open sandwiches served on sliced of baguette-style bread
  • Roast beef
  • Goat cheese
  • Crab salad with dill and foie gras terrine. 
  • Cream and jam, salted caramel mini eclairs

Nothing to complaint about. Everything is fresh, irresistible and tasty.

Next restaurant is for those diplomatic persons with an imposing allure. It is an elegant place, Al Fayrooz Lounge, it’s designed in a vintage-style, with high ceiling and wooden ceilings. It offers a splendid view out to the shimmering sea, the Burj Al Arab and the walkway of Pierchic. Some people say it is a luxurious destination full of glamour. You’ll sit down in mismatched soft seating and you will enjoy  wonderful patisserie items very different and full of surprises.

Choix Patisserie and Restaurant par Pierre Gagnaire is that fresh, crisp place where you really want to come back for more. The selection of sweets here is phenomenal and the French bakery will leave you breathless. The tea afternoon selection sounds like this:

  • Sandwiches with mozzarella and pesto croque monsieur 
  • Egg mayonnaise with quail’s egg and caviar.
  • Choix Blend, green tea with mango, guava and rose petals.

You won’t regret the time spent here. I sincerely recommend you the terrace.

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So today I hope you know where you’ll have you afternoon tea in Dubai.