Why is Las Vegas called Sin City?

Meet the history of Las Vegas!


Because everybody visits Las Vegas at least once and everybody knows where they’re going and what expects them there, I think it’s time to know why is this sparkling city called, Sin City, besides the reasons that are visible with eyes closed.

If you ever wondered what Las Vegas means and I am sure you did, well it means “the meadows”. This name is definitely in contradiction with how Las Vegas looks like, is not like we see rabbits walking on the street or flowers growing from the asphalt. It was named like this back in the 1800’s when Las Vegas valley was discovered as an oasis in the middle of barren desert. It soon became an ideal location to link Salt Lake City and Southern California via railroad, so it became a mecca for railroad workers and agriculture at the beginning of 1900’s but in 1930 this little town started to do its magic.

50s vegas

So the Hoover Dam, originally called the Boulder Dam-MAN was starting to be built. This was the starting shut and then more other dirty and sinful men constructors appeared and of course they wanted to build entertainment. So it appeared showgirl theaters and hotel casinos like Northern Club and Fremont Hotel. With these in the picture, crime made her appearance too. Mobsters started to be more into naked ladies and Casino Boy falls into the latter category. Well big timers and Mormon financiers were pretty busy here.


In case you were wondering Las Vegas had a school but of course because of the prostitution on the area it was quickly closed. The Block 16 was also shut down in 1942 and some people wanted to clean Sin City and to make it forgotten but of course they didn’t succeed.

As soon as the war ended Bugsy Seigel a famous gangster and mob boss Meyer Lansky opened The Flamingo. Other big hotel like The Tropicana or Sands were opened by known organized criminals. There were huge sums of money pumped into this city because of the gambling. We know very well that Elvis Prasley and Frank Sinatra were famous faces here and started to perform all over Las Vegas and because of that it received the title of ” the entertainment capital of the world”. Las Vegas became so Sin City and people around the world came here to run from reality and to live something that seemed from another world.


1980’s were the years where Las Vegas really made its magic and became what it is today. Mirage, The Strip were opened and made some show. In the next 30 years enormous clubs like HAZE, Surrender became iconic places to party in Las Vegas and hotels were coming up more and more.

This city thanks to religious money and a mobster lifestyle, became what it is known today as the city of entertaining and today it is still called Sin City.

Sin City today is maybe even more sinner that it was back in time. Lust here is a common word and everybody knows that people come here to satisfy their pleasures. There are some strip clubs where both men and women go to, and in some cases the patrons of the club can participate to the show given by the male or female.


Sin City is often called the place where you drink your brains and loose your money so I think it’s pretty obvious beyond its history, why this city of lights is such a beautiful sin.