Where to Travel in October?

There is no need to worry anymore what to do in October because I have the perfect travel destinations for you!

october travel

October is a colorful season perfect for travel and enriching our memories.

Autumn is a season that permits us to renew our clothes collection and to explore the world with different eyes. Europe is the perfect destination for those who are constantly looking for spontaneous experiences while southern Europe still parties as in Summer. Southern Europe still waits for us with golden beaches and warm temperature. Cities in Europe are now refreshed because the huge number of people who visited it in Summer are now gone and you have plenty of space to really enjoy beautiful landscapes.

October is a romantic, poetic, melancholic month. It brings inspiration for those souls searching for new vibes so let’s pack our things and have an inspiring travel.

Let’s see where to travel in October?

First destination on our list is The Turkish Coast with its remarkable Aegean and Bosphorus coasts which still keep their landscapes sunny and warm and their beaches golden and clean. This travel destination waits for you with chic boutique hotels which now are less expensive than in Summer. For an accurate experience you can visit boho fishing villages where you will find calmness and great places to relax. Alacati is the perfect place for rebounding with the nature or you can have a great trip to the picturesque Selimiye. While Istanbul was too hot and crowded in the Summer, now it’s just perfect to be explored. Sounds that we are going to have a new trip, isn’t it?


If you still wonder where to travel in October I have other great ideas for you like THE DODECANESE ISLANDS, GREECE which is absolutely splendid in October. This one is the most southerly Greek Island of the little ones and you will be amazed how hot it is in here even in this month, which is  perfect for those who want to accentuate their tan. These beaches will win your heart forever especially by Rhodes which is the biggest and the most famous of the islands where you can attend a party in ancient ruins. The little Kastellorizo is artistic and inspiring. You will also like Symi, Fourni or Patmos. Anyone you choose you will desire for more.

october travel

If you want to celebrate love and romanticism I have an idea of an unforgettable destination in October. The beautiful Rome, Italy which now will be dedicated only to you. October becomes the most perfect month to visit Rome, because in Summer you have no chance to celebrate love in a romantic way, the number of people visiting Rome in Summer is enormous. But now you will have it entirely to you and your beloved one. Rome will still be enough warm for you to take long evening walks, to enjoy a delicious wine while the Sunset give you its bless. Don’t forget to make a wish at the Trevi Fountain which now will be easily admired.

october travel

An interesting travel destination which I bet you’ve never experienced in October is JORDAN. You will be amazed how extremely friendly is this country. Actually is one of the most visitor-friendly in the Middle East and yet many people don’t visit it even though it’s marvelous. There is no doubt that you will be amazed by spectacular things like ancient Petra which is a phenomenal inspiring place, The Roman city of Jerash or the Dead Sea, The Red Sea which is absolutely sublime in October. There are incredible desertscapes where you can even spend the nigh in a Bedouin camp so what can be more adventurous? Jordan still has sunny fresh days in October why give a particular light to the rock of Petra. When you see it, your visions will be changed forever. October permits you to have a relaxing journey into the Valley of the Moon on camel or horseback during the day, which I find really exciting. There is also warm enough to sleep out under the magic sky.

petra jordan

The last destination on my list is Cyprus which is simply perfect in Autumn. Being located in a Mediterranean island, Cyprus has the climate of the Middle East. This is the perfect location for you to learn remarkable new things. Cyprus has a rich history and an eclectic culture, a lovely climate and elegant beaches. There is no drama here and you will have as much intimacy as you want. Book a room in a beachfront hotel, I would recommend you Almyra in Paphos. Explore the Troodos mountains for a unique experience in Cyprus and what I would definitely do while I am there is to visit The Cotswolds of Cyprus which have incredible vineyards, sublime hillside villages and friendly dynamic taverns.

travel in october

Dear ladies and gentlemen I really hope you will have a free weekend for exploring these marvels of the world and discover amazing places to travel in October.