Where to Buy Gold in Abu Dhabi


The UAE has some of the leading trade centers in the world, in a country where you can find anything your heart desire, there’s pretty impressive gold market. You can find anything from the most sophisticated jewelry designs to gold bars. The gold comes in 18, 21, 22 and 24 carats, it can be yellow, pink, white or even green, the possibilities are at your desires. Abu Dhabi has a few places from where you can buy gold for personal use or for investment purposes, just make sure you buy from authorized shops.

Abu Dhabi may not have such a huge selection of gold shops as Dubai but you can still find some pretty good deals.

The Gold Souk in Madinat Zayed Shopping Center has a lot of jewelry retailers and you can find many designs, traditional and modern with all types of gold. This place has some the Gulf’s largest shops and it’s one one of the best places to buy gold in Abu Dhabi.

You can also find many gold shops on Hamdan Street with predominant Indian styles but you can also find Arab and Western designs.DSC02222

Other places from where you can buy gold in Abu Dhabi include some of the big malls in the city such as the Marina Mall and Abu Dhabi Mall. Here you can find a great selection of renown international brands like Cartier, Chopard and Tiffany & Co. and also some local brands like Damas, Rivoli and Pure Gold.

But maybe the most famous place to buy gold in Abu Dhabi are the vending machines called suggestively Gold to Go. The first gold ATM ever made is still located in Abu Dhabi in the lobby of the Emirates Palace hotel and it dispenses 320 items made from gold including gold bars and customized gold coins. Every 10 minutes these machines update the market value through an internet connection, they are covered in a gold leaf and have touch screens. The Gold to Go machines give opportunity and ease of acces to everybody to invest in the precious metal.  _mg_3612There are 7 gold ATM in Abu Dhabi : Emirates Palace hotel, Marina Mall, Al Batem Airport and 4 of them at the International Airport. Another 2 of them are located in Dubai.