Where to buy Apple Watch in UAE: Shops and Prices

Your waiting must end now because Apple Watch is here in UAE!


Finally after a long waiting Apple has officially launched its desired watches in the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

You will be happy to hear that they are available in 3 variants: Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch and Apple Watch Edition. 

This Apple Watch became the second best-sold wearable device, told the International Data Corporation (IDC), having shipments of 3.6 million and a market share of 20%. Fitbit managed to ship 4.4 million devices.

Many people buy the device in the instant it is released and some are more patient waiting for the Apple Store to open. Lucky us, Apple opens its first Middle East store in Dubai and Abu Dhabi on October 29 so stay tuned.

The IT manager at Dubai-based All in Travel, Madhujesh Thampi, affirmed that he is waiting for the Apple store to open at the Mall of Emirates and wants to be the first person who buys the watch.

“I am not a hard-core Apple fan but after using the iPhone 6, which I got as a gift, I am slowly moving from Windows to Apple,” he said.

Prices and models: Taking into consideration the Apple’s local website, this amazing Apple Watch Sport can be purchased in 12 models. The 38 mm watch has the price starting from Dh1,399 and the 42mm watch can be bought for Dh1,599.

apple watch sport gulf luxury

On the other hand The Apple Watch is available in 20 models and the 38 mm model has a price of Dh2,199 and the 42mm model costs Dh2,399. Regarding the strap the prices can go up to Dh4,399.

The Apple Watch Edition can be selected from 8 models. The 38mm 18-karat rose gold case with a sport band having the price of Dh37.000 and the 42mm 18-karat rose gold case model with sport band can be bought for Dh45.000.

apple watch edition gulf luxury

If you choose a more complicated band like the Leather Loop or the Milanese Loop the price will be a little higher like Dh64.000 depending on the strap.The sad news is that most retailers choose not to sell the high-end models.

Apple is confident that it will sell its different kinds of stand-alone straps of which prices start from Dh199 to Dh1,799.


“I like the premium design of the watch and the continuous monitoring of heart rate as I jog and play football regularly,” Mohammad Al Saleh, procurement manager at an Omani IT company.

The new Apple Watch OS 2.0.0 has an updated software and it has improved its battery life.It connect wirelessly with iPhone and it runs on iOS 8.2.

“It is a bit expensive for a watch. I am waiting for my friends or colleagues to buy and then I will test the device. If I am quite convinced with it, then I may decide to buy it,” Dubai resident said.