What to wear in Dubai

Here's what to wear if you are planing a visit in Dubai


This is a concern many tourists have while visiting Dubai, especially for those not familiar with the certain dress codes of the culture and climate.

So what to wear in Dubai ?

Mostly the dress code asks simply that you have most of your body covered at all times in public spaces. Also nothing see through or too tight.

Because of the hot climate and the fact that you have to keep your body covered is recommended that you choose light colors and natural fabrics, this will help you be more comfortable.

For women :

It’s best to respect the culture and dress etiquette as a woman and not wear anything reveling. The best choices might be a long dress or long skirt, long pants or capris so generally nothing above the knees. You can also wear leggings with a short skirt or dress. For the upper body try to keep the buttons closed up and avoid showing cleavage. A loose shirt but not transparent or even strappy tops worn with boleros or cardigans.

For men :

Men also have to keep things covered. Bare chest is not allowed in public. Shorts should be knee length, not shorter and buttoned up shirts or maybe a t-shirt for the upper part.

You can wear anything you want in your own private house or hotel room.

At the beach or pool you can wear a swimsuit but nothing too reviling. Thongs and topless bathing is not allowed. You can wear a one piece swimsuits or simple bikinis. Swimsuit is to be worn only at the beach or pool, not in other public spaces.

If you want to go to a nightclub or a bar as a man you require long pants and no sandals allowed. Men can wear sandals only if they wear them with the national Emirati robe.

Women can wear pretty much anything as long as it’s not revealing cleavage or anything too short or too tight. Footwear is not important.

If you want to visit a Mosque or any other place of worship you have to wear long sleeves and long pants or skirts, this goes for both men and women. The women also are required to cover their head in these sacred places or other formal events.

Also during the Ramadan the dress rules tend to be a bit more strict than usual so make sure to respect the culture while visiting.