What to see and do in Muscat

There's plenty of things to see and do in Muscat, Oman: good food, friendly atmosphere and back to nature experiences

muscat oman

Muscat, Oman is a city filled with adventure, beautiful views and relaxation. It might not be as flashy and luxurious as Dubai, but Muscat has other things to offer putting relaxation before luxury and nature before futuristic architecture. Muscat is the friendliest and safest city in the Middle East, making it an ideal place for tourists all over the world to visit and to learn about the Arab history, taste some delicious traditional food and have a memorable adventure.

Muscat has some fantastic architecture. The Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque is one of those remarkable buildings that you have to visit if you are in the city. This Mosque is open to all visitors just remember to wear appropriate clothing. Inside you can see a hand woven prayer carpet that is the second largest in the world with 70 × 60 meters, above the carpet is an impressive 14 meters chandelier.

You also have to see the Bait Al Baranda museum, here you can learn about the 100 million years history of Muscat with the help of interesting and unique artifacts. The National Museum has a collection of jewelry, dresses and house items from different periods.

And don’t miss the Al Jalali Fort and the City Gate to Old Muscat.

Among the popular activities you can do in muscat we have to mention scuba diving and mount climbing. You can find certified dive companies that offers courses and dives for those interested. Muscat also has some wonderful mountains that rise 3,000 meters just perfect for climbing and exploring. Other activities for those not so adventurous are turtle watching or camel rides.

For the lovers of music and theater The Royal Opera House Muscat is a spectacular place where you can enjoy shows like Nutcracker and Madame Butterfly among others.

In terms of food, if you love Moroccan or Arabic dishes, Muscat has some great restaurants. For the best traditional food try Left Bank Bar or Turkish House. For some fine dinning go at The Restaurant at the Chedi hotel or at Sultanah, a restaurant with luxurious dishes.

Shangri-La’s Barr Al Jissah Resort and Spa is where you can find accommodation, it has three hotels 20 restaurants and a amazing spa.

Muscat is truly a beautiful city worth visiting, with less glamorous buildings but more nature and tradition. But don’t be fooled, it still has some luxury hotels and restaurants so it’s fit for the upscale people too.