What to do in Kuwait

Pearl diving, water sports and shopping, there's something for everyone.


Kuwait is a city oriented towards tourism so the offer of entertainment and interesting things to do is not short. There are many things you can do in Kuwait.

Pearl Diving. There is actually an annual festival of pearl diving, the divers use equipment used by their forefathers and it’s a tribute to the long history of pearl diving in the area, the main source of wealth before the oil industry took off.

A lot of water sports. In Kuwait you can do pretty much all the water sports you want.  Water sports that you can practice are windsurfing, boating, water-skiing, jet skiing, scuba diving and yachting. Yachting is actually very popular, the marina has 300 fully equipped yachts and they often do all kinds of tours and sailing activities.

Also for the lovers of the water you can go fishing or enjoy trips to the islands. You can go on a relaxing trip to Kubbar, this a popular island, it has coral reefs and it’s perfect for scuba diving.

Sports. Kuwait doesn’t have only water sports, you can also enjoy land sports like archery at the National Archery Center or equestrian sports at the Hunting and Equestrian Club. Other popular sport are basketball, bowling, tennis, squash, motorbike racing and even ice skating.

Visit museums. The National museum is the ideal place to learn about history and culture of the country. At the Kuwait House of National Works Museum you can learn about the Gulf War and at The Tareq Rajab you can admire the art history and fashion.

Shopping. Shopping is a popular activity and there are quite a few places to shop in Kuwait. It has some impressive malls like the stylish Al Mohalab Mall, the popular Sharq Mall, Marina World Mall, the beautiful Al-Kout Mall, Laila Gallery Complex, Al Hamra Tower Mall, Al-Fanar Shopping Mall, The Avenues Mall and Kuwait Magic Mall. At these malls you can find anything that your heart desires, from designer clothes and accessories to home decor or exotic foods. For traditional markets, the Traditional Open air and Friday Markets are perfect places to visit.

Buy gold. Just like in other fancy Middle Eastern cities, Kuwait also has gold souqs where you can buy gold at very good prices. Make sure the seller is legit and if possible go with someone who knows the business. Where you can find gold: Kuwaiti Gold Souq, Gold souq at Hawally Area, Salmiya Area Souks, The central Gold Souk, Souk Al-Watiya or Al-Watiya Complex and The Fahaheel Area.