UAE’s most Luxurious Arabian Perfumes

Most luxurious Arabian perfumes are just marvelous.

most luxurious Arabian perfumes

Perfumes are an excruciating detail which is very important to our day to day life. We want to leave a graceful or manly haze after us because the way we smell really define us, that is why perfumes’ importance is without equal.

How do we choose our perfume? And why shouldn’t we try something new, for example Arabian perfumes, but not any Arabian perfumes but the most expensive ones.

UAE’s most luxurious Arabian perfumes come with style, elegance and of course luxury.

Rasasi: It is an exotic perfume combining oudh and musk-based Arabian fragrances with some European essences. A floral fragrance which mixes perfectly leather and citrus aromas are a must in this inspiring perfume. You will find more than 165 showrooms in Arab region so be sure, if you didn’t already tried it, you’ll test this remarkable perfume.


The Fragrance Kitchen: Is a sublime perfume created by His Highness Sheikh Majed Al Sabah, the nephew of the Emir of Kuwait. Specialists from Middle Eastern and Eastern tried to find unique essences in order to make it special. H.H Al Sabah worked together with Yves Saint Laurent and Tom Ford. This legendary perfume contains Asian Oudh, Saffron, musk, cedar wood and also French and Bulgarian roses. After you finished imagining how it could be smelling, go and buy one. You won’t regret it!



Hind al Oud created by the famous businessman Mohamed Al Hilal, this lovely perfume combines original scents like patchouli, bergamot, cyclamen and almond. It gained an award given by the Dubai Economic Department in 2004: The Best Traditional Niche Fragrances. I am sure you will find it exquisitely elegant.



If you are living in UAE or not, make sure you will test the next perfume because I am confident that you will find it special:

Yas Perfumes are a brand created by the earliest Emirate tribe like Bani Yas. The royal families are a descended from this and this is why they wanted to create an unique, marvelous perfume which includes both Arabian and French essences. You will also feel a scent of red musk, chili, cedar, violet or agar wood. Enjoy an incredible fragrance!


The first perfume manufacturer Swiss Arabian Perfumes. These products are legendary and contain fantastic breathtaking fragrances of sandalwood, middle notes of Spanish saffron, Amber, Cambodian Agar wood and some breezes of Turkish rose. I would definitely want to own one of these perfumes. I think it is really a collectible item.