UAE’s 360-degree cinema The DOME BOX

If you are looking for an ultimate experience 360-degree cinema The DOME BOX Dubai is what you need.


We all love cinemas and Sundays spent in a high quality cinema like those already existing in Dubai are simply the best. Well because Dubai’s best friends is luxury and high technology if you didn’t know already, UAE has got one of the most high performance 360-degree cinema named THE DOME BOX which is something astonishing even for Dubai which has it all.

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It’s high time you meet this marvel because if you live in Dubai or you are just in visit, on your “to do” list, THE DOME BOX is a must.

The Dome Box_Dome Screen1.360-degree cinema dubaiThis unbelievable and unusual 360-degree cinema has the shape of a dome, that is why its name, and it is impossible not to impress you from the first glimpse. You will face 4K screens, each of them HD on steroids so the image you will see is 90% exactly how it would look like in reality. The jewel on the crown though it is the fact that you will be put in the position of experiencing a 4D ride. What would you want more?

Effects like wind or scents will make your adventure more accurate.

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This fabulous new cinema is located on Al Wasl Road on the corner of 35th Street. You can also have parking spots  in front of BOXPARK and behind the mall along 2B Street.You will have Valet services.

The Dome Box organizes birthday parties, Group Bookings and School Trips. If you choose one of these packages you will have a discount.

The Dome Box_Exterior Night.360-degree cinema dubaiThe 360-degree cinema can hold up 80 people, each of them have the accurate experience.There are no chairs inside, only cushioned bars. This 360-degree cinema is really a glamorous and one of a kind experience.

  • You will pay Dhs 45 for 2 movies
  • Dhs 75 for 4 movies.

Tickets are available 6 months from the moment you buy it!

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The Dome Box_Interior 360-degree cinema dubaiRecently Dubai has become one of the most visited destination in the world expecting Dubai to attract 20 million tourists by 2020.