Tourist Attractions in Mallorca

Mallorca is a heavenly place and a great holiday destination!


Mallorca is a splendid vacation destination with its marvelous sandy beaches and the perfect Mediterranean climate, many people around the world choose to spend their holidays in this paradise. This place enchants you with magnificent sunbathing spots and a nightlife that gives you all the reason to come back here. The historical Palma is also a stunning part of this place, the enormous waterparks are the perfect places to take your children for ultimate fun.

This is a wonderful places that will enrich your vacation destinations list. Here are some popular tourist attractions that blow your mind.

  • Palma Cathedral:Climbing the old city walls, enjoying its golden sandstone exterior and experiencing the unique interior, three motifs why you chose to go in Mallorca. La Seu is famous for its fantastic surroundings.

Fiesta Rey En Jaume:If it’s September and you are in Mallorca good for you because  you will be one of the happiest persons on Earth who managed to participate at this annual festival of Rei en Jaume, celebrated in Santa Ponsa, at the begining of September. This festival is a celebration of the successful landing and conquering of the Moors in Mallorca by King Jaime I in 1229.

fiesta rey majorca gulf luxury

  • Bellver Castle:Imagine you’re a king or a princess and visit the Bellver castle situate outside the city of Palma. It is a 14th century castle which resonates with history and legends. Its interior is outstanding.

bellver castle majorca gulf luxury

  • Ride In Ferrocarril De Sóller:For an authentic experience ride the electric locomotive train that will walk you from Palma de Mallorca to Soller, on the north west coast of the island. You will find this experience really relaxing and you will have the chance to make some brilliant photos.

Ferrocarril-De-Soller majorca gulf luxury

  • Casino De Mallorca:If you still have the necessity of luxurious elegant places, this casino has them all. It has an ultimate luxurious setting and many wealthy visitor come here in large numbers.

Casino-De-Mallorca gulf luxury

  • Calvari Steps: These is a real challenge for you but will help you keep in shape. While you climb these long stares you can enjoy some wonderful places, including some lovely shops from which you will buy many things, I assure you. All along the staircase there are cypress trees lined and the views from the top of them are breath taking.

Calvari-Steps mallorca gulf luxury

  • Almudaina Palace:Exactly how you enter in the city, this ancient palace will wait for you. It was built in the 10th century on a site which pre-dates the city of Palma. Its historic features will amaze you and you can also visit its museum.

almudaina palace mallorca gulf luxury

  • Alaro Castle: In order to arrive to Alaro castle you must be prepared for a steep climb but the effort worth everything. For an evening or morning walk this location is the perfect place to go. Be ready to be amazed by some wonderful views and scents.

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