Top 10 Spa Destinations


Because we live in a society which requires at least a day dedicated to relaxation and because we want that day to be spent in a luxurious, elegant spa destination, we should learn which are the best spa destinations in the world.

We can’t just pick a spa destination, we need to pick the most exquisite one in order to fancy ourselves with the best services.

The most distinguished spa destination in the world is  the resort ARO HĀ WELLNESS RETREAT.  This is the best place for meditating and refreshing your body with energy and calmness. You’ll find it in New Zeeland’s Southern Alps and you won’t find only an elegant place but an oasis of peace and quietness. It has 20 intimate rooms which include lodged of yoga and meditation exercises which will give your body sources of strength and your spirit will feel free and immortal. The landscapes here are preciosless. Not even sapphires or rubies can describe the beauty of the lakes. This is the most incredible place where you can go in order to find your inner peace.


CAL-A-VIE situated in Vista, California, United States it is a resort where one of the best wellness expert affirmed that the yoga experience in here is incommensurable. Here you’ll find a diverse program of daily calorie-scorching, morning hikes, Gyrotonics, a double-sized Olympic pool, metabolic conditioning and strength training and meditation classes. You can also fruit yourself with massages and extraordinary healthy food.


Mii Amo, situated in  Sedona, Arizona, Arizona offers you magic. It is a spa where the staff and the facilities are eccentric and perfect. This spa takes its magic from the Enchantment Resort places in a red-rock canyon said to be sacred. Mii Amo is translated as ” one’s path” by the Yuman locals. This is a location where you go in order to heal all your problems. You will enjoy the design made of wood or stone and you will relish yourself in a Japanese lobby courtyard. Heal your body at the indoor treatment room, or near the fireplaces, or even at the outdoor whirlpool. You might want to choose a seven night program which includes spa treatments made by specialized therapists. You will find that the food is something marvelously good. 


LAKE AUSTIN SPA RESORT a 40 rooms place, perfect for having a yoga class in front of the lake while you enjoy the singing of the birds and the whispering of the woods. This spa destination is designed as a rodeo training camp. You can sleep in a hammock while you let yourself amazed by the lake or read a book in a garden bed. This place’s details include fine art and antiques.You’ll have all the facilities you need in order to become another person. Make sure you taste their refreshing food which is prepared with vegetables and fruits from their organic gardens.


RANCHO LA PUERTA a destination with 87 rooms, found in Tecate, Baja California Norte, Mexico. This place is probably designed after a dream of Heaven’s gardens because it can’t be described in words. You can admire all the landscapes in a hiking program which is created especially for seeing all the surrounding beauties. You might also want to tray acupuncture or a massage made with hot river-stones, a watsu which is very interesting and why not a cranisacral therapy.  


CARRIAGE HOUSE SUITES AT THE AMERICAN CLUB is a place where you can enjoy different kind of massages, relaxation programs, exercises in the pool and fabulous food. Found in 102 Orchard Rd, Kohler, Wisconsin, 53044, Wisconsin this is a perfect place to go after the agitation of a work week.  


WESTGLOW RESORT & SPA set in North Carolina is a place far away from the trouble of the city. Surrounded by mountains this place is perfect in order to breath only fresh air. Your skin, your entire body will feel fabulous. Here you will find a dynamic menu of relaxing activities most of them made outside.


MIRAVAL ARIZONA RESORT & SPA visit this place and find out what relaxation really is. Relish your body in a gorgeous pool and let your skin to be treated by specialized therapists. Find out about chakras and how you maintain them balanced. Every morning you can refresh your mind at the fitness center and every evenings you can enjoy yourself in the luxurious rooms which are at your disposal.


BODYHOLIDAY AT LESPORT is a place where you will find a two-level pool at the bottom of which there are relaxation stones which will make your body feel connected with the nature. A graceful cascade will blow your senses, the views will take your breath away and the ocean’s song all of these will be treatment for your soul.


THE LODGE AT WOODLOCH it’s a place surrounded by 150 wooded acres and a private lake. A resort where quite and calmness are the main services. You can enjoy trips, fly-fishing, trail biking trips, a stone massage. Every room has a private veranda and incredible large bathrooms. There is a hall made of plants. You must visit the restaurants where everything is cooked fresh. Enjoy the rooms for spa and let your body contemplate.