Top 10 reasons to visit Bahrain

10 great reasons to visit Bahrain, a cosmopolitan country that is very welcoming and relaxed towards its visitors.


Bahrain has a great history, with good and bad events that happened in the past this island country still remains a gem of the Persian Golf, with a lot to offer to the tourists. It has many resources making it the fastest growing economy in the Arab world, combining tradition and modernism, this island is very tourist friendly. Here are some interesting attractions abot this country that might wake up a desire to visit and explore.

  1. Food. Yes, Bahrain has some great traditional delicacies like Qoozi, wich is lamb with trice and spices, Khubz, the local flatbread and being an island, numerous dishes with fish as the main ingredient. You can also find modern restaurants that offer a big variety of international menus.bahrain food
  2. Outdoor cinema. The joy of enjoying a movie under the stars is a relaxing experience. You can find screening in the open air at The Royal Golf Club, The Ritz-Carlton Bahrain and La Fontaine Centre for Contemporary Art & Spa.
  3. Alternative medicine. Bahrain is very open minded in terms of medicine and alternative medicine is widely practice, anything from crystal healing, Reiki, Ayurveda or nutrition therapies. altenative medicine
  4. Pearl diving. Al Dar Islands has trips to a secret destination and among the sea life and an old shipwreck  you might find some beautify pearls that you get to keep. Aldar-Islands-Beach-Life-Bahrain-Pearls
  5. Horse riding by the beach in Saar. You can rent a horse and ride them on the beach, making some true movie moments maybe with a romantic date.
  6. The beaches. Zallaq Beach and Budaiya beach are just examples of beautiful beaches with clear waters just ideal for a swim or even a boat ride.  Sofitel, Ritz-Carlton, Al Bander and Hamala Beach Resort have private beaches if you want to  be even more comfortable.Ritz_Bahrain_00317_1280x720
  7. Wildlife. This island has a great biodiversity, especially birds, it has over 330 species of birs making the island a popular spot for bird watching. The sea is also home for numerous animals and many of them are protected in marine environments.flamingo
  8. Shopping. Bahrain City Centre is mall with over 350 retail outlets where you can find pretty much anything from clothing to accessories from all the important brands.mall
  9. Museums. Bahrain National Museum has interesting items including items from the first inhabitants of the island 5000 years ago. Beit Al Qur’an has a unique architecture and it hosts numerous manuscripts and books. At the Oil Museum you can see how the oil business started in the Persian Gulf. museum bahraim
  10. Culture. Bahrain is very diverse and tolerant towards other religions and nationalities but still true to it’s own customs. They have great traditional music and dances. In the lastest years expressionism and surrealism have become popular and there’s a decent art movement in the country.Bahrain_8662