Top 10 Places to Visit in Abu Dhabi


If you are planning a trip to Abu Dhabi be sure you are full of energy because there are plenty of things to see and visit once you arrive here. You will have many places to visit in Abu Dhabi so for sure your vacation will be extended.

This place is a oasis of beauty and interesting things which you must keep them in your soul forever.

The first place you need to visit when you arrive in Abu Dhabi is Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque which you’ll find extremely fabulous and its design is a unique experience for your eyes. It is a creation which implemented in its architecture Islamic details: glass-work, mosaic tiling, carvings. You’ll see when you are there that both the exterior and the interior are marvelous. and the system of lightening is absolutely breathtaking.


Al-Hosn Palace known as the Old Fort or the White Fort, is Abu Dhabi’s oldest building. It was built in 1793 and the ruling family and the seat of government were those who managed this palace. Recently this construction was renovated and modernized and The Cultural Foundation to house the Center for Documentation and Research, uses it. You will find the courtyard of this building a spectacular place and the details are remarkable. Inside you will discover a museum of traditional artifacts and historical photographs.


Al Ain Zoo is the place where you go in order to admire nature’s beauties and marvels. Here you can enjoy great time adoring  beautiful animals and the landscapes which are exactly as in wildness. There are many types of animals here treated very carefully and with a lot of love like: white tigers, giraffes, and elephants and even a park for flamingos.


Women’s Craft Centre  this place is extraordinary and ladies you really need to go and be a part of what is happening here. Enjoy the best demonstrations of traditional skills like: weaving, embroidery and basketry. This place is perfect for enriching your collection of souvenirs with some authentic and curios gifts. By buying souvenirs from here you also support this center and the women’s work. Choose anything you like from shawls, bags, slippers, textiles, carpets and many other interesting things.


Observation Deck. In a previous article I described this stunning building which without question must be a point on your map because the luxury and elegance you’ll find here are incomparable and the view you have from here is something that it will remain ingrained in your mind and soul.


Yas Island  is a place where you need to go in order to find fun and luxury because is a top luxury destination in Abu Dhabi, with golden beaches and crystal water and hotels which make you feel royal, this place has everything.


Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital is a destination where every animal lover in the world should go. This is a veterinary hospital for falcons which got sick or are hurt. This place gives you guidance if you want to admire the wild landscapes. If you join a tour you will be able to go closer to the birds or even to hold one.



Liwa Oasis  gives you the chance to run from the wildness of the city in a place full of calm and harmony. Founded in the south of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, it is one of the largest sand dunes in the world. If you want some unique adventure here you can enjoy a ride dune buggies, sand surfing which I think is exceptional, or camel trekking.


Heritage Village is a replica of Bedouin encampment which takes you back in time before the oil boom. It is placed near a lovely beach which is great to stay and relax the quietness after your visit. You will learn about local agriculture, traditions, pearl diving trade and the economies.


Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is a place where you will have a lot of fun, you will learn about cars and luxurious cars and for sure your perspectives will change considerably after a day spent here.



Qasr Al Sarab is a desert resort where magic happens. It is a unique location and you can see how the color of the sand changes from red to orange which is a natural spectacle. The design was chosen after Arabic themes  and you will definitely experience what Arabic feels like. It is really a place where you have to go in order to understand life in here.