Top 10 Patek Philippe watches for men

When you wear Patek Philippe you wear ultimate luxury!


Antoni Pates has been a Polish watchmaker since 1839 when he created one of the first crown wound pocket watches in the world. After he ended his partnership with Franciszek Czapek he started another partnership with the Frenchmen Adrian Philippe, the person who invented the keyless winding mechanism. In 1851 they established Patek Philippe & Co.

This company is hugely famous around the world creating the first ever wristwatch in 1868. They are also famous for creating the first wristwatch with a perpetual calendar back in 1925, which was released only 16 years later.

This fabulous company became the first Geneva-based watchmaker that received the Geneva Seal, a distinction for the highest quality watches. 95 % of movements bearing the Geneva Seal come from Patek Philippe.

Today we are going to see a top 10 Patek Philippe watches for men.

Patek Philippe 1936 Pilot Watch with a price of $1.7 million is the tenth most intriguing watch made by Patek Philippe. When it was released people considered it a revolutionary watch because of its size and its case. The case is measuring 44 mm in diameter and it is made of nickel and chrome. The beautiful dial is made of black lacquer with Arabic numerals.

Patek-Philippe-1936-Pilot-Watch gulf luxury

Patek Philippe 1923 Officier with a price of$1.918 million is an impressive time piece witch definitely classic men will love. It is a unique piece with a case made of yellow gold that weighs 18 karats. It has a chronograph and a 60-minute repeater.

Patek-Philippe-1923-Officier gulf luxury

Patek Philippe 1925 Grogan with a price of $1.95 million it will really impress your visions. This is the only Patek Philippe wristwatch especially created for a left-hander. All the keys and the controls are on the left part to be easier for a left-hander to read it. It features a chronograph, made of gold and has the shape of a cushion.

Patek-Philippe-1925-Grogan gulf luxury

Patek Philippe 1951 Model 2499 First Series with a price of $2.129 million it is that kind of watch powerful men will wear. It has a case made of rose gold which weighs 18 karats. It has a perpetual calendar and a moon phase dial. It is beautified with the Patek Philippe signature.

Patek-Philippe-1951-Model-2499-First-Series gulf luxury

Patek Philippe 1944 Model 1591 with a price of $2.26 million is an exquisite time piece which every men should taste. This amazing watch is made of stainless steel and only two pieces were ever made. Back in 2007 one of them was sold at Christie’s auction and afterwards it became the most expensive stainless steel watch ever sold an such an auction. Maharajah was the first person who owned it and he used to love wearing it while he played polo. He have it as a gift to his wedding organizer.

Patek-Philippe-gulf luxury

Patek Philippe 1957 Model 2499 First Series with a price of $2.28 million prouds itself with a rose gold case that weighs 18 karats. Only 6 pieces were ever designed. One of them was sold at Christie’s auction in 2007 and became the most expensive watch ever sold at this auction. It has stamped on it the Patek Philippe signature.

Patek-Philippe--First-Series gulf luxury

Patek Philippe 1953 Heures Universelles Model 2523 with a price of $2.9 million has yellow gold case weighing 18 karats. The fabulous and innovative designed has a polychrome and an enamel dial representing the map of the North American continent.

Patek-Philippe--Heures-Universelles-Model-gulf luxury

Patek Philippe 1895/1927 Yellow Gold Minute Repeating Wristwatch with a price of $2.994 million is the most expensive wristwatch that was ever sold at Sotheby’s auction. It is shaped like a tonneau. Its movement is from 1895 and its case from 1927. It is originally from the Henry Graves, Jr collection.This man also owned the Patek Philippe Super Complication clock watch which is not a wristwatch but a desk watch worthing $11 million.

Patek-Philippe--Yellow-Gold-Minute-Repeating-Wristwatch gulf luxury

Patek Philippe 1939 Platinum World Time with a price of the impressive number  $4.03 million, is that unique exquisite phenomenal watch which is single in the world.

Patek-Philippe-Platinum-World-Time gulf luxury

Patek Philippe 1943 Watch Ref. 1527 with the maginificent price of $5.50 million, it is the most expensive Patek Philippe wristwatch ever created. It was sold back in 2010 at a Christie’s auction in Geneva. The winner was a museum from Switzerland. The watch has a chronograph, perpetual calendar and a moon phase display, a yellow gold case weighing 18 karats. It has 23 gemstone encrustments, bi-metallic compensation balance, gold Arabic numerals, date indicator and minute markings designed like a rail track. The dial is made of silver matte and measures 37 mm.

Patek-Philippe-1943-Watch-Ref. gulf luxury