Top 10 most expensive metals in the world

These metals have multiple purposes and they are the most expensive in the world

the most expensive metals in the world

Rarity and durability are the main factors that correlate to a metal’s value. These precious metals have a lot of applications, some are used for jewelry and others are used for aircraft or auto engines, there are also metals that can be used for multiple things. When you think about precious metals, the first thing that comes in your mind is gold but there are other metals that are very precious, here are some of the most expensive metals in the world:

10. Indium. This is a a white and soft metal that was initially used as a layer in airplanes engines. Now it’s mostly used for the fabrication of corrosive-resistant mirrors. The price is approximate $630 per kilo.

9. Silver is a natural metal that has a lot of applications. It’s most popular use is in jewelry and coins but it’s also used in solar energy, water purification, dentistry, photography, electronics, telescopic mirrors, windows, biology, medicine, clothing, industrial and commercial applications and art. Silvers sell for $1,145 per kilo.

8. Rhenium is one of the rarest element on the Earth, it’s very dense and has a high melting point. It’s mostly use in the fabrication of jet engines. Also some isotopes of this metal are used for treating cancer. The price for rhenium is $2,750 per kilogram

7. Osmium is a very dense metal with a blue-silver color. This is a very durable and hard metal. It’s often alloyed with other metals and its most popular use is in fountain pens. The price per kilogram of this metal is about $13,000.

6. Ruthenium is a very rare metal and it’s mostly used for the making of wear-resistant electrical contacts and hick-film resistors. It’s also used as an alloy in different accessories and instruments. Price per kilo: about $14,000

5. Iridium is a very hard metal, resistant and very dense. It’s another metal that has a lot of purposes, it is used for industrial, medical and scientific purposes. Price: $16,500 per kilogram

4. Palladium has multiple uses but it’s pretty rare, making it one of the most expensive metals. It has a silver color and it’s used for electronics, dentistry, medicine, hydrogen purification, watch making and jewelry among others. Price per kilo: approx. $23,500

3. Platinum is a more popular metal especially in the making of jewelry. It’s also very rare and has a high resistance to corrosion. It’s also used in the treatment of cancer, engine making and luxury watches. The price for platinum is very volatile, it sometimes can be more expensive than gold depending on the market.

2. Gold is probably the most popular noble metal in the world. Gold is used 50% in jewelry, 40% as an investment and 10% in industrial purposes. The price can vary a lot but it’s now approximately $39,000 per kilogram

  1. Rhodium is the world’s most expensive metal. It’s a very rare noble metal and it’s mostly used in the automobile industry but also in jewelry and watches. The price can vary a lod depending on the demand, it can reach $350.000 per kilogram.