Top 10 Most Expensive Engagement Rings in 2015


Love is blind and love is expensive but for that right engagement ring, for some people, price is a secondary thing. Price tag doesn’t matter that much when you want to surprise that very special someone with an engagement ring fit for royalty. If you want to impress your future wife here’s the top 10  most expensive engagement rings :

1. Pink Star Diamond – $83.01 million is a flawless 132.5-carat rough diamond ring, the most expensive ring in the world. The diamond comes from Africa and it took 2 years to perfect the ring.

2. The First 100% Diamond Ring – $70 million, this is truly one of a kind ring. It has 150 carats and it’s made entirely from diamond without any metals. It’s the first of its kind and the lady who will wear it will be truly lucky.

3. The Graff Pink – $46.2 million, a 24.78 carats gorgeous pink diamond mounted on a platinum ring completed with 2 smaller diamonds on each side.

4. The Perfect Pink – $23.2 million, a rectangular 14.23 carats pink diamond together with other 2 perfect diamonds mounted on an 18-karat rose and white gold ring make this one of the most expensive and beautiful engagement rings.

5. Chopard Blue Diamond Ring – $16.26 million, a very rare oval shape 9 carats diamond mounted on an 18-karat white gold ring, an amazing ring, elegant and luxurious.

6. Bulgari Blue Diamond Ring – $15.7 million, this ring has 2 triangular diamonds, a blue one that has 10.95 carats and a colorless one that has 9.85 carats. The design of this ring is quite fashionable, it’s what you would expect from such a fabulous brand.

7. The $10 Million Ring – $10 million, this ring has a 6.01 carat blue diamond in the center with 2 smaller pink diamonds on both sides. Beautiful with an elegant yet young design.

8. The Cullinan Diamond ring– $9.69 million is a one of a kind blue diamond with a royal heritage, perfect for a queen or princess.

9. Elizabeth Taylor’s engagement ring– $8.8 million, the famous actress had this ring from her 2 times husband Richard Burton and it’s in the top for the most expensive celebrity engagement rings since 1968. The white 33-carat diamond is perfectly cut and truly special not only for the value but for the history.

10. Beyoncé’s engagement ring –  $5 million, a Lorraine Schwartz ring with an 18 carats colorless diamond. Very classic and beautiful design.