Top 10 Most Beautiful Women in the World


Ladies and gentlemen I am sure you were wondering who can be the most beautiful woman in the world nowadays, because we know that every year has its beauty.

I am sure gentlemen are excited to find out what is the name of the woman who was nominated as being gorgeous and ladies I am sure you all have a magic mirror in your heads and you ask it :” Mirror mirror on the wall who’s the most beautiful woman in the world?”

This year some people nominated as the most beautiful woman in the world actually 2 women:

  1. The young actress  Shailene Woodley from the famous movie ” Divergent” is on the top list of the women who apparently are the most beautiful women of 2015. Nylon Magazine’s Young Hollywood Issue said about Shailene that she is one of the “55 faces of the future”. So good job dear Shailene I never believed you will be nominated as being the most beautiful feminine creature but men consider you very attractive with a special look.


Well the second most beautiful woman in the world, whom I think she really is gorgeous is Nina Dobrev  a mixture of Bulgarian and Canadian she’s an actress and a model. She appeared in a series of films succh as Fugitive Pieces, Away from her, Never cry Werewolf and also in some dramas. She loves travelling and she does acting because is her most beloved passion. She is famous for the movie Wallflower.



2. The second beautiful woman in the world is Emmanuelle Chriquie a canadian actress. She appeared on HBO’s Entourage also being nominated for a Best Actress DVD Exclusive Award because of her performances in 100 Girls. The movie which made her famous is You Don’t mess with the Zohan. She really has a lovely smile and a look that makes you wonder.


3. Well on the third place is a woman that men think she must be the most beautiful woman in the world and ladies envied her all their life. Jessica Alba an American actress, she is also a businesswoman and a model so men don’t have to worry about inheritance. She was also considered a sex symbol. A girly look, an impeccable smile and a goddess body. She is best known for the movies Sin City or Fantastic Four.


4. Candice Swanepoel a secret angel she is a South African goddess being also a model. She appearedi n top 10 Forbes top-earning model list an in 2013 she appeared in ” 100 Sexiest women in the world” and yes she is very sexy with a look of a vampire.

Cice Swanepoel Wide Desktop Background
Cice Swanepoel Wide Desktop Background

5. Monica Bellucci an Italian beauty with a face of an angel ready to save the world. She has a delicate look and soft red lips. She is an actress and a fashion model. She is one of the faces of Dolce&Gabbana commercials. French people see her as the most beautiful woman ever existed.


6.Olivia Wilde is one of the 2015 faces. She’s an American actress, screenwriter and producer so she is not only beautiful but also intelligent. She is famous for the role she had as Alex Kelly in The O.C. She also appeared in the movie The Girl Next Door. She definitely has eyes of a wolf.


7. I return to men’s attention because this next beauty is also a woman I think women also dream about her. Scarlett Johansson a model, actress and singer she is famous for her smile and natural beauty. In 2003 she was nominated for two Golden Globe awards.


8. Penelope Cruz in my opinion should be if not the most beautiful woman in the world at least the second. With a sexy accent that makes your mind run out of this world, with lips that scream Spanish, a deep look which makes you either run or fall in love. She also modeled for Mango, Ralph Lauren and L’Oreal. The movie that made her famous is All about my mother in 1999. She also won an Oscar.


9.Priyanka Chopra is the Miss World. I think her beauty comes from the fact that she is Indian. She is a film actress and a singer. Bollywood considers her the highest-paid actress and she if of course the most popular among celebrities in India.


10. The last but not the least is Shakira the famous blond singer with a goddess body. She is also a songwriter, a dancer which we all know, a record producer, a choreographer and model. Oh my God this woman is everything. She is also mentioned as one of the most powerful women in the world by Forbes and the most popular dancer. On Facebook she is the most follower person alive, by 100 million persons.


These are the faces of the most beautiful women this year. They are for sure astonishingly beautiful and we all dream for a place in top 10 aren’t we?

Dear ladies beauty can’t be measured or estimated. We are all beautiful and we can all be the most beautiful person in the world. Dear gentlemen make sure that your partner feels as the most beautiful woman in the world.

Enjoy beauty!