Top 10 Most Beautiful Islands in the World


If you’re searching for luxury destinations where to enjoy marvelous time and admire incredible landscapes, islands are places which make your heart beat faster and your soul run into the wildness.

In case you were wondering which are the most beautiful islands in the world here is a top ten of breathtaking islands which will leave you with amazing experiences.

10. Galapagos islands are not just ordinary islands but an archipelago of volcanic island which seem surrounded by magic creatures like giant tortoises for example which are protected species and are an iconic symbol of Galapagos islands.


9.Koh Samui island, Thailand this island is located in Surat Thani Province and it is the second largest island of Thailand. Here you’ll find gorgeous coconut trees and you will have the chance to taste a fresh sweet coconut juice, you’ll be amazed by a spectacle of coral reefs and you’ll be relaxed while you let the sand tickle your skin on this island’s fabulous beaches.


8.Channel Islands, United States. Well as the name says these islands are elegant. One of the most luxurious island is Santa Catalina, which is 2 hours away from Los Angeles. Here everything inspires elegance and style. Everything seemed to be created for the pleasure of people like a calm bay, a dance hall designed to look like a fortress. It is a place which will sure make you feel amazingly excited.


7.Sicily, Italy. Italy is a place where we go to find love or to reinforce our love. The landscapes and the people seem to be perfumed with the liquor of love. This island is located in the Central Mediterranean and you will find that it is the largest in the Mediterranean Sea. What will leave your eyes with no power of blinking is Mount Etna, having 3,230 meter and 10,890 sq.ft this is the most tallest active volcano you’ll find in Europe and one of the most active in the world so the chances to see it eructing are pretty high.


6. Lord Howe Islands, Australia. You will find this island in the middle of the Tasman Sea, you can get there with no trouble by getting a plane from Sydney and you will arrive in two hours maybe a little more. But when you get there you will find Paradise. A smell of fresh water and nature, a wind which flatters your chaps, a sun that invites you to dance on the soft sand. This is one of the most magnificent coral island you’ll encounter. Here you will also find friendly families whom will be joyful to introduce in a world of sublime.


5.Prince Edward Island , Canada. Yes, this is an island where you’ll feel like a prince or princess. This is a Canadian province and it seems that there is no such big population on it. When you will see the sky, you will think that there is no such a blue color  in another place. It is like the sky wants to offer you the most divine view you could ever see. This island is at 200 km north of Nova Scotia.


4.Bali. Who didn’t hear about Bali? Everyone dreams to go there at least once in their lifetime. This island is something people say you can encounter only in Heaven. This is a province in Indonesia and people around the world talk about its fascinating sculpture, the traditional dance which is something you must learn, or the painting which is dazzlingly innovative. The music and the spirit there will give you energy and will refresh your mind.


3.Maui, Hawaii. Well, this is a luxury destination with no doubt. Golden beaches, green environment which only gives you power to enjoy this marvelous beauty, water which seem more like crystals. Here everything is about luxury, beauty and comfort. This is the 17th largest island in the USA and it is a place which must be see, tasted and worshiped.


2.Boracay Philippines this small island is a oasis for tourists. This island was voted as the second best island in the world. It is a center of relaxation, adventure and luxury. A wonderful beach named White Beach is where the action happens. This is definitely a place where you have to go if  you want to know how happiness feels like.


1.Palawan, Philippines. This island is located between South China Sea and Sulu Sea and believe me when I say that nothing in the world can equal its sublimeness. No human words can describe its beauty and its treasures. You go there only to admire because you will not be capable of thinking when you’ll see all its beauties.


I really hope you will have the opportunity to visit all these islands and to come back and say which one you think is the most astonishing. Enjoy your future adventures!