Top 10 Luxury Private Jets  



 Men and women of power and luxury already have a private jet. Having a private jet is something can’t miss from your luxurious collection of treasures because you want the world to know that you can do everything and life is about being the best always.

The richest men will choose opulent private jets which impress with inside elegance, comfort and space.

Here is a list of 10 luxury private jet you must see in order to know what to choose when you decide to buy yourself a private jet.

10.Rockstars or any kind of stars, have a Private Jet because is like you would wear an expensive bag which can’t be worn with any designer dress. Jimmy Buffett, a singer and songwriter, owns a Grumman H-16 Albatross amphibian aircraft which resonates with brilliance and dominance.


  1. If you are a Sultan, a private jet is a must, that is why the Sultan of Brunei owns a Boeing 747-430 Private jet which is estimated at $100million. The interior is something you don’t see every day, it expresses excess, lavishness, possessions and because more is always better a washbasin of strong, sold gold decorated with Lalique crystal. This washbasin cost approx. $120 million but nothing is too much for a Sultan. This private is the most expensive the Sultan has, but as I said more is better so he owns sever others which are smaller but also elegant and exquisite.


  1. Air Force One, is a Private Jet, George W. Bush used to use on essential and important state or when he did private visits. This jet had some enormous modification in order to secure safety, communication systems, equipment, front stairs and aft air stairs, a customized baggage loader and because this wasn’t enough, it has the ability to refuel itself in-flight. So if you are an important person and your life is extremely without equal, you must take into consideration such a Private Jet.


  1. Donald Trump owns a private jet, Boeing 727-23, born in 1968 designed in vintage style with a capacity for 23 people. This jet inspires luxury with its leather armchairs, where a golden seatbelt and a stylish buckle will give you safety. Yes, even safety must be given in style. Decorated with oil paintings and graceful crystal lamp, this jet is nothing but greatness. Of course if you want to make an impression you must have a logo, which this jet has on the aircraft being 30 feet long, 4 feet high and of course is made of gold, more exactly 23 carat gold.


  1. Sergio Garcia bought a Private Jet, Hawker 4000, estimated at %22 million. He bought it because he wanted to feel safer, more comfortable and to save some time in his journey. He likes to travel a lot and he is excited to arrive as fast as he can in the places he wants to visit. He is a man of comfort and luxury and he wants to feel like new and refresh when he lands.
  1. Embraer Legacy 650, $30 Million is a private jet owned by Jackie Chan who uses his jewelry for traveling and entertainment. It is decorated with an original style, painted with the colors of China’s flag and of course a personal logo. If you want to be a responsible person who cares about his life, than you have to own a private jet.


  1. When you hear the name Bill Gates, you already know is about wealthy and elegance. Now you know, is also about a $45 million Private Jet, The Bombardier BD-700. The issue with this Private Jet is that is used in terms of business. Melinda Gates and Bill’s Foundation is a priority and this Jet makes things easier because it can be used at any hour if something important appears. To use $45 million to buy a Private Jet that can help you do charity easier is definitely something you don’t hear very often.


  1. Why not buying a Private Jet for leisure and party? A $50 million Private Jet will do this trick and you’ll definitely party in big term. The Sukhoi Superjet 100, has one of the biggest seating capacity, an interior which invites you to enjoy pleasure and fortune. This Jet is something you need in order to feel complete.


  1. Let’s take it to another level and buy a palace which can move to everywhere you want. The Boeing 747-8 VIP is a grandiose jet which gives you magic and all your fantastic dreams come true. So with $150 million you can have Heaven literally flying everywhere you demand. A Saudi Arabian royal family own one of these angels, which can offer you even an amusement park inside of it. If you buy one of these you’ll never want to get off of it again.


  1. The most outrageous and phenomenal Jet you’ll ever hear in your life is the Airbus A380, $300 million with $200 million addition in order to make it exactly how it was imagined. Saud Prince Al-Waleed bin Taal owns this beauty and if you were wondering how it might look like, well everything is made of gold with no exception. This Jet is so large that elevators were added. You can’t talk about this Jet in simple terms because everything here is of a dominant, magnificent beauty and luxury.


If you still don’t own a Private Jet, is high time you get one, because life becomes royal life when you own such a toy