Top 10 Coffee Shops in Doha

Some of the best coffee shops that you can find in Doha, delicious beverages and luxurious atmosphere


Whenever you travel, you need the basics of that destination and one of the most important things is to know the best coffee shops around because enjoying a fine cup of coffee is essential regardless of the time of day. Coffee shops in Doha are of a great variety and flavors just waiting for you to try them out. Some of the best places for coffee are a combination not only of taste but also of atmosphere and luxury of the establishment.

  1. Sugar and Spice is located in the Lagoona Mall from Doha. This place has a great selection not only of deserts and salads but also coffee and tea. A very popular place in the area, its filled with tourists and locals alike. 
  2. Sarab Tea Lounge St. Regis in Doha West Bay is a perfect spot for your afternoon coffee and tea while enjoying a beautiful view.
  3. The Bagel Bar Coffee House in The Residence Sara Tower, is a great place for a meeting with friends. The music in the background and the soft sunlight paired with a very delicious coffee makes this a good choice for relaxation and catching up with your loved ones.
  4. Seasons Tea Lounge at the Four Seasons Doha Hotel on Corniche Street is a very luxurious place with fancy decorations and a very big selection of teas, coffees and sweets. This is truly a lovely place for relaxation in a stylish manner.
  5. Il Teatro in West Bay, a great place for lunch and coffee. This restaurant has a variety of Italian dishes and coffees in a elegant  establishment. A very good spot for business lunches or family time.
  6. Emporio Armani Cafe, 7 La Croisette at the Pearl Qatar. This place is a luxurious restaurant and coffee shop. You might find yourself coming over just for coffee but chances are you might want to try some of the food specialties as well, the dishes are made under the supervision of Armani himself to bring you a high class type of delicious meals and beverages.
  7. Coffee Bike, The Pearl, Croisette. This is an innovative project: a mobile coffee shop.
  8. Sky Lounge on the Airport Road is a modern bistro with a relaxing atmosphere and a beautiful view.
  9. La Patisserie at the Al Bidda Boutique Hotel, perfect for breakfast, this place offers freshly baked goods and delicious coffeee to get you started with the day.
  10. Hyde Park Coffee Shop at the Radisson Blu Hotel on Salwa Road, this shop offers very good coffee, fresh juices and a buffet with a delicious selection of food.