Top 10 Best Sunglasses Brands for Women


A fashionable woman is always very careful to detail and needs the best accessories to show off her style. Sunglasses are a great way to express yourself and also to keep you protected from the UV rays. Woman should always carry some pairs of sunglasses no mater where she goes. There are lots of styles out there and you need one for every occasion. There are also plenty of brands you can choose from, these brands not only offer some of the most stylish designs in the market but also the best quality. Here are the top 10 best sunglasses brands for women :

10. Ray-Ban. One of the leaders in eye-wear for men and women, this brand has numerous designs including the classics Aviators or the Wayfarer.

9. Fendi. A well known brand in the selling and production of many luxury goods, this brands has very fashionable sunglasses to suit your style.

8. Dior. This brand has very modern and innovative designs. One of the best sunglasses brands for women and you should definitely check out their designs.

7. Tom Ford. With very classic and elegant designs of sunglasses, Tom Ford has become very popular and respected among other eye-wear brands.

6. Prada. If you have a love for fashion, you need a pair of Prada sunglasses. Famous for luxurious accessories, especially bags, this brand screams elegance.

5. Gucci. The synonymy of luxury, Prada offer some high end sunglasses for woman, not only beautiful timeless designs but also great quality.

4. Burberry. Very well crafted, Burberry glasses have good quality and should be taken into consideration when searching for a new pair. They have quite a few collections that are specially design to fit any needs, from classic to more extravagant.

3. Chanel. A true fashionista will want a pair of Chanel sunglasses. Luxurious designs and high end quality will make you noticed in any crowd.

2. Miu Miu. This brand is specialized in all kinds of women’s accessories, from bags to eye-wear. Their sunglasses have very beautiful designs that will make you feel like a true princess.

1. Dolce & Gabbana. Elite sunglasses preferred by many celebrities will make you feel special. The designs are sophisticated and unique making this brand the best in the world when it comes to accessories, especially women’s sunglasses.