Top 10 Best Sunglasses Brands for Men


Sunglasses are essential accessories in any situation and in any season. They not only make you look classy but the also offer protection from the dangerous UV rays. Men should not leave the house without at least one pair of sunglasses. A good pair has to suit you and your needs and has to give you protection and style. There are a lot of designs to chose from and there are also a lot of brands that sell very beautiful designs. To make you choice a bit more easy we came up with top 10 best sunglasses brands for men.

10. Persol. An Italian brand that uses the finest anti-glare glass to make their sunglasses. All the glasses are completely polarized.

9. Diesel. This brand offers an extensive variety of designs with the best quality, all to make it easy to accessorize the sunglasses with your style.

8. Guess. Although this brand is more famous for women, it also has some really nice sunglasses for men and it’s worth a place in the list.

7. Louis Vuittoni. This Italian brand sells lots of luxurious accessories and it’s one of the best sunglasses brands for men in the world. Polaroid glass and the finest quality for the exclusive designs you can find at Louis Vuittoni.

6. Gucci. A very popular brand among the fashion industry and high class personalities. A pair of Gucci sunglasses will surely make you feel special at any occasion.

5. Prada. One of the biggest fashion brands in the world has some very impressive sunglasses for men. They are very expensive but the quality and design surely will pay off.

4. Ray-Ban. Very popular brand especially for the younger crowd. They make very stylish sunglasses with good quality and it’s no surprise is one of the best in the business.

3. Fendi. Another brand that it’s more known for the women’s accessories, Fendi also has a very elegant selection of men’s sunglasses.

2. Oakley. Oakley offer classy sunglasses designs with a sporty look to them. Perfect for the sports lovers, they offer the best protection and the best quality.

1.Maui Jim. This USA based brand is the best sunglasses brand for men. They offer high quality glasses, total protection against the harmful UV rays, style and practicality. It’s the first choice for many famous athletes and sports stars.