Tips for buying luxury bedding

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If you have a luxurious bed and a high end mattress the next step is the linen. For a comfortable experience and good night of sleep the sheets also play a very important role. Luxury bedding is made from the finest materials that not only look beautiful on your bed but also feel amazing. Here are the most important tips on choosing the best quality bedding that fits your style and needs.

First of all you need to check the thread count. The higher the thread count, the softer the fabric. This information can be checked usually on the package and it’s the number of threads per square inch. Take into consideration that the more threads the thinner the threads and fabrics with a high number of threads will require special care while washing, like cold water and a soft detergent.

You need a minimum of three linens. This way a set is on your bed, one is being washed and another one in the closet, this way you will always have a clean set ready to put on the bed.  luxury beddingMake sure your measurements are correct. Measure your mattress and know which type of cover you want to buy: fitted of flat. Measure the pillows as well and the duvet, measure length, width and depth and write it down on a piece of paper. This will ensure you choose the right size without having to return to the shop and change your purchase.

Know what type of fabric you want. Luxury bedding can be made from a lot of materials. The materials uses can be natural fibers or synthetic.The most used is the cotton but there is more than just one type of cotton. The standard cotton is a decent fiber but is the least luxurious and the also cheapest. If you want something more smooth and with a more pleasen texture you can go with Prima Cotton. But if you want true luxury you only have one choice : Egyptian Cotton. The Egyptian Cotton is grown in the Nile Valley and it’s a very popular cotton for luxury bedding, it can also be mixed with other materials so you have to search for 100% Egyptian Cotton.Egyptian-Cotton-SheetAnd the last tip for buying luxury bedding is to go into the shop and avoid internet shopping. High end linen is very expensive and you don’t want to take any chances, that’s way it’s best to go inside the shop and feel the materials yourself. This way you make sure you are buying the perfect bedding.