There is no room for Cheesy only for Cheese!

Cheese for the camera and cheese for us, because we love cheese!


I am confident that you all are that kind of persons who love fine food. We don’t only search for fine food we are truly gourmands don’t we?

So because we are so in love with elegant, expensive food, today we are going to find out some information about the most expensive cheese in the world. 

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We agreed that you are a wine lover so we know that there are certain types of wines which match perfectly with some kind of cheese. But what if you are that type of person who only wants the greatest from everything.

The most expensive cheese in the world comes from a donkey, in Serbia and a kilo of this cheese costs £700.

  • 140 donkeys produce this cheese in a single location
  • It has medicinal benefits and seems alike with humans milk
  • 25 litres of milk are needed to 1 kilo of cheese

I am certain that you don’t mind spending £700 on a cheese knowing about its uniqueness. The name of this cheese is Pule. €1,000 per kilogram, for a cheese that is only found in Zasavica Nature Reserve, Serbia.

  • 25 litres of milk for a cheese; 1 litre of milk costs  €40

pule cheese gulf luxury

It is good to know that only 12 from 140 donkeys produce milk at any time. 

‘What is particularly exclusive is that in the whole world only we were able to make and produce donkey cheese.’ Manager Slobodan Simic 

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This amazing cheese is so expensive and desired because according to specialists, donkey’s milk has similar benefits as human’s milk does. It is also an anti-allergenic, low in fat and has 60 times more vitamin C that milk produced by cows. So I think it’s time to experience this fabulous cheese.



This is the most expensive cheese in the world, costing 1,000 euros a kilogram, and it is on all the world first lists by price and by rarity.” 

“So, the one thing is that it is the most expensive, and the other one is that it is produced only here, on the Zasavica farm.”

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