The new Chanel Pearl Eyewear with Lily-Rose Depp

The new eyewear collection from Chanel brings us the young and beautiful Lilly-Rose Depp as the new ambassador for the brand.


Chanel has been a symbol of elegance and femininity since the beginning, over 100 years ago. A fashion house that brought us numerous timeless pieces and revolutionized the way fashion is made. When a new collection of clothes or accessories is launched, fashionistas all over the world are in awe and can’t wait to see and try out the new products.

This time the renown french brand brings us the new Chanel Pearl Eyewear for 2015, a collection of refined sun glasses combined with Coco Chanel’s favorite jewels: pearls.  It also brings us the young model Lily-Rose Depp, daughter of Johnny Depp, to be the new face of the

Sunglasses are not just for practical purpose anymore, they are also pieces of jewelry and great accessories for women, this is very clear with the Chanel Pearl Eyewear. The glasses have bold designs ranging from a fearless cateye shape to a more classic rounded shape, perfect pieces for any confident woman that wants to be noticed. The designs are embedded with delicate pearls, some of them have pearls all around the frame giving a a more luxurious feel and some of them only have one or two pears on the sides for a more muted and elegant look. The colors are a mean to enhance the shapes, the collection comes in pink, white and black, all very beautiful and versatile.

Chanel has chosen the young Lily-Rose Depp to be the new face and the ambassador for this chic collection of sunglasses. She is only 16 years old and already a professional, she modeled in some Chanel runway shows, had a editorial spread and she’s starring in her first major film called Yoga Hosers. Her looks and the ease in front of the camera is definitely inherited not only from her father but also her mother, Venessa Paradis, a Chanel ambassador and muse since 1990.lilyrose-chanelThe gorgeous photos for the 2015 Chanel Pearl Eyewear were shot by the brand’s creative director, none other than Karl Lagerfeld. In the photos and the short movie, Lilly-Rose wears an elegant scalloped button-down and a pair of rounded sunglasses framed with pears. She looks absolutely stunning and we bet her collaboration with famous luxury brands is just starting out.