The most Impressive Libraries in the World

Relish your eyes with these marvels and make sure you visit them!


Technology is today what rules the entire sphere of learning: e-books, audio books, google, every information we need we find on Internet. But before Internet, people used to spend days and night in libraries searching and exploring the world of knowledge and information. Personally I still go to library for studying, relaxing in the reading room even the gesture of searching for a book relaxes me.

Everyone would be relaxed in the next libraries I will present you which are the most majestic and impressive libraries in the world. These libraries were created and designed specially for falling in love with reading and learning. Once you are in, you will never want to get out.

Libraries are built to impress and to last in time because they are of an incredible importance for human kind. In a library you can often find expensive priceless treasures and the rooms are usually created to be large and tall to offer you enough space for your mind to dance free. Libraries are elegant, charming, peaceful and also mysterious.

Let’s find out which are the most impressive libraries in the world:

The National Library of Prague. This incredible library is located in Prague, Czech Republic and its elegance is speechless. The main building of the library is located in the historical Clementinum building and here you will find half the the books that this library owns. The other half is located in the district of Hostivar. This amazing building is the biggest library in the Czech republic, and has over 6 million documents. 60.000 registered readers come here everyday and visitors are always here to find  answers. You can find Turkey, Iran and even Indian materials here. In 2005 this formidable library won an international recognition and also the inagural Jikji Prize from UNESCO and also the Memory of the World Programme because this library managed to digtise old texts.


Trinity College Library is the second most marvelous library on Earth, being located in Dublin, Ireland. If you ever watched or read Harry Potter you will find this library really alike with the library from the well known Harry Potter’s school. It is the largest library in Ireland and it is known as being a legal deposit. This amazing library can receive material published in Republic of Ireland and won’t charge anything, only this library has this rights in the United Kingdom. Here is the home of the Book Of Kells. Only two of four volume are available for public display. This library gives you the feeling of a labyrinth on which you want to be forever lost.


Biblioteca Real Gabinete Portugues de Leitura is the third astonishing library in the world, located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I am sure you watched many adventure movies with prices and princesses who searched for answers in marvelous libraries, well imagine that this library really looks like one of those. When you enter inside you feel like you’ve just stepped in a fairy tale.


The Admont Library it is a library which seems to be inspired from Heaven. Everything is bright and shiny, golden details and painted walls with angels flying. You really have the feeling of ” Am I in Heaven?”. This wonder is located in Admont, Austria. Well you might have the feeling of Heaven because this library is actually a Benedictine monastery being the oldest remaining monastery in Styria. Your eyes will be amazed by a Baroque architecture, art and manuscripts. The library was completed in 1776, being commissioned by Abbot Matthaus Offner and actually built by the Graz Master Builder Josef Hueber. It is divided in three majestic sections having an overall length of 70 m, a width of 14 m and 11 m in height. The frescoes were made by Bartolomeo Altomonte who was 80 years old when he managed to complete them. These frescoes symbolize ” a man’s exploration of thinking and speaking from the sciences to Divine Revelation in the central cupola”


George Peabody Library, located in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. This library seems endless, when you step inside the first thought is if your life is enough for  visiting this library. This library focuses on creating a publicly-accessible collection which contains the most wanted and the greatest literature in all branches of knowledge but law and medicine are not included. This library dates from 1867 when George Peabody who was a Massachusetts born philanthropist  wanted to dedicate the Peabody Institute to the citizens of Baltimore. At the begining of 1860s the library contained over 300.000 volumes from 18th and 19th centuries. Here you will find large collections of archaeology, British art and architecture, British and American history, biography, English and American literature, Romance languages and literature, Greek and Latin classics, history of science, geography, and exploration and travel and a splendid map collection.


So dear ladies and gentlemen I really hope from now one on your travels you will find time to visit these lustrous magnificent libraries which will really have an impact on your memories collection.