The Most Expensive Ties in the World

The most expensive ties in the world are a spectacle for the human eyes and they are definitely something a man of power needs to experience.

most expensive ties in the world

Gentlemen, I am sure you are aware of the fact that a man of power and class, must know how to wear his tie. Wearing a tie is an art which all stylish men should learn it. There is nothing more elegant and beautiful than a man in a suit with a  luxurious tie. That is why you need to know which are the most expensive ties in world, because the most expensive ties are also the most luxurious.

Ralph Lauren’s Black Label Tie is an Italian stylish tie designed by Ralph Lauren and you can find it at the price of $155. This tie is 100% solid knit silk and despite being simple the remarkable quality gives it an elegant tone. Dear gentlemen you won’t fail with this tie and you can wear it at an important business meeting or a night out at a fancy restaurant.



Christian Lacroix Fantasy Pattern. Of course that men of power will choose to wear this tie because as its title says, it is something like a fantasy. It is conditioned from 100% Italian silk, with some shadows of purple basic color and a magnetic blue and beige. The quality of the silk makes this tie so expensive because it is amazingly precious. The interesting fact about these ties is that each of them will have a different design, because we know that men of power don’t want to look similar with another, they all want to feel unique and special so this is the tie you must own. The price of such a tie is $1150.



EMPA Gold Tie is something sublime. You really need to own such a tie because I’ve never seen a more classy tie and believe that you will look like a golden boy. $8,500 is the price of this tie but the manufacture is even more expensive. This tie is definitely the definition of luxury and elegance. It is unique, remarkable and exclusive. 10 years of research were taken to discover the texture which is a mixture of 24 carat gold sprayed on the surface of the silk or cotton. Can you imagine what you would wear? This tie was fabricated in limited edition, containing 8 grams of 24 carat gold. When you buy this tie make sure you transmit some thanks to the persons who worked day and night in order for the tie to be perfect.


 Stefano Ricci’s Diamond Plated Tie If you feel that you want to show the world that your are a wealthy man and luxury is your symbolic word, than make sure you own this tie. What makes this tie so extravagant is because it is a 30.000$ tie plated with diamonds. Yes you heard well, diamonds. These diamonds will reflect you distinction and your eccentric character.


And the World’s most expensive tie is The Suashish Necktie. Yes, it is the most luxurious and the most spectacular tie you will ever see. For $220.000, created with the help of the Suashish Diamond Group, this single piece gave the definition of extravagance. Pure silk and 150 grams of gold and 271 diamonds beautify this …well beauty.


I began with the cheapest tie from the most expensive tie’s list because I really wanted to emphasize how the difference is created. Hope you will be the lucky man who owns one of these ties. The most expensive ties in the world are not expensive if you take into consideration the fact that you need to look impeccable.