The Most Expensive Number Plates in The World

Most Expensive Plate Number

The world of personal car registration plates is a mystyfing place, with a collection of digits on a reflective plastic strip commanding  big interest and, frequently, extremely high  prices. Many people see this plate number as a necessary accessory for their car. Starting from something as luxurious as locations and cars, there are so many persons who are rich and have the opportunity to have all the exclusive and elegant things in their collection.

Here you will find the most expensive number plates in the word:

5. Plate number “VIP 1” , 430.000 $



This luxurious and special  licence plate has had its fair share of distinguised  owners.Originally this extravagant plate number intended fot the “Popemobile”- Pople John Paul II.In 2006 Roman Abramovich bought this VIP 1 number for 285.000£



4. Plate number”M 1″ , 498.000 $

UK ,2006

Worlds-most-expensive-number-plates (1)

The M1 plate was the first registration to be launched in 1902 and was basically  kept on a limited 1900 Mercedes Benz at Tatton Park before it was sold .

After producing a lot of money in 2000 when he sold his mobile phone store to BT Cellnet , Mike Mccomb purchased the plate for an extravagant price of 330.000 £.

3. Plate number “F1” , 664.990 $



The Bradford business person broked Mike McCoomb’s record in 2008 when he bought the F1 plate number for an amazing price of 440.000 £ .The F1 is the most expensive plate number ever bought in Britain.



2. Plate number “5” , 6,91 million



Talal Ali Mohammed Khoury bought this plate for 3,500,000 £ for the “5”.When asked if the number “5” has any significance for him , he said that it doesn’t have any sentimental value.



1.  Plate number “1”, 14 million $

ABU DHABI , 2008


Khouri crashed Talal Khoury’s record when he bought the number “1” plate at an auction in Abu Dhabi. When he spoked about the purchase, Khouri a member of a rich family in Abu Dhabi said: “I bought it because it ‘s the best number”. He is not sure which of his luxurious vehicles currently presents this plate.