The Most Expensive Nightclubs in the World

These clubs define luxury and take parties to a different level.


Everybody once in a while wants to go out and have some fun with their friends, enjoying a good music, dancing, tasting unusual drinks and meet new people. We do that because we want to feel free and to forget about our routine. We try to disconnect ourselves.

So we choose to party in nightclubs. Wealthy people will always choose the most expensive nightclubs because if you want to party than you have to party with class. People who are aware that luxury is a life style, than will go in rich luxurious clubs and they will party with style. These clubs don’t offer you only a spectacular design but their vast menus with all kinds of drinks are extremely desirable. Rich nightclubs are unconventional. They can be located under water, on a roof, inside a caver, on the beach anywhere you could imagine, that is way we need luxurious nightclubs.

Of course when we are talking about luxurious nightclubs we are aware of the fact that if we want to have a table once we are there, we need to book a reservation with some days before we arrive.

Club Aquarium, United Kingdom  this club is the richest and the most luxurious nightclub you will find in the United Kingdom. You can jump into Jacuzzi from the dance floor, or even have you drinks in a pool. This club is a thematic one: 70’s 80’s beats, outfit and features.  Everybody leaves with a spectacular impression and they want to come back each time. Make sure you dedicate some time for yourself while you are in United Kingdom.


Pangea Club, Singapore all this club reflects luxury and richness. You will find it at the Marina Bay Sands resort casino. Everybody heard about this casino, it is the most famous n the Singapore. The open was in 2011 and from then till now this club had created for itself a spectacular reputation. 2000 dollars is the price for the reservation of a table in this nightclub and despite this large price wealthy people will always be there even though it is very hard to get into.


Chlosterli Club, Switzerland  this club is something marvelous even its location is something unique. It is located on a mountain retreat in the Swiss Alps and no, it is not cold because it is warmth and you will find comfort and pleasure. When it is not a club, it is an exclusive restaurant which is very well appreciated by locals and tourists. Most of the people in the world come here in December or January because that is when magic happens.



LIV Club, Florida. Florida is already a place where everybody wants to go so Clubs are the dessert. Located exactly along Miami Beach, offering you the possibility to have a relaxing walk after a dynamic night, enjoying the music of the waves. Here the cheapest bottle of champagne costs approx. $1000. But it will all be worthy once you are there because it looks astonishing. You will have the best time of your party life. The thematic colors here are purple, pink and blue. Luxury is lovely!

LIV_MIami_Sothebys (1)


Cocoon Club, Germany twelve hundred people for night come here to enjoy richness and style but it is more than difficult to be on the guest list. This is one of the most famous clubs in Germany and people all around the world heard stories about it. The interior decorations are just screaming luxury and opulence and one of its best parts is a screen that projects video effects for even more style and fun. The feature which most of the visitors find unique and unusual is a honeycombed wall. This club is about adventure!



Halikarnas Club, Turkey gives you the sensation of a kingdom. Once you are there your attitude will change dramatically because you will start feeling important and rich. Located in a resort town of Turkey, Bodrum, this club is set on a beautiful beach allowing you to have a bath while you enjoy good music. Ten thousand people are allowed to enter in this club every night, so you can only imagine how many people will be there dancing and screaming, maybe that is why the beach is so near, so you can get off the crowd and enjoy some calm time.The theme of this nightclub is the Roman Empire, so that is why you will start feeling royal. Can’t wait to see it with my own eyes!


XS Club, Las Vegas. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Everybody knows this saying and in a strange way it is very true. Vegas is already about money, luxury, richness, style, opulence and so on, so it is a normality that clubs would be luxurious and expensive. This one in particular is the most expensive and luxurious one in Vegas. Only the dance floor measures thirteen thousand square feet. You won’t drink champagne which cost lower than $2000, so the answer is yes: this club is a must.



Our dearest Dubai praises itself with a club which is in top 3 most luxurious clubs in the world:  Cavalli and my reaction is ” Oh MY GOD” . I haven’t seen so much luxury even in movies. Located in the Fairmont Tower hotel this is cataloged as being the greatest nightclub in Dubai. The legend, Roberto Cavalli, launched this marvel, the features of this club include: 356,000 Swarovski crystals and outrageously expensive drinks and an impressive selection of Cavalli’s couture designs. You don’t have to worry about the DJs, they are some of the best and popular DJs in the World.


La Fira Club, Spain. Hot features, hot music, hot DJs, hot luxury. This place is breathtaking and you live in vain if you don’t visit it and let yourself under its spell. The interior design seems from another world. Antique furniture and a spectacular bar where you can find some of the oldest champagnes in the world, funny mirrors which will distort your body so make sure you know about them because you don’t want to freak out. This club wants to give you fun so you will find many entertaining things to do. This is the second most wanted nightclubs in the world so if you haven’t visit it already than you are wasting some precious time, pack your bag and go for it.



The most luxurious nightclub in the world is located in LAS VEGAS,Hakkasan, which shouldn’t be very surprisingly because of its reputation of being the most entertaining city in the world. Here it’s about celebrities and extraordinary wealthy people. A bottle of alcohol can cost $100.000 so you can imagine how the club looks like. This club is eccentric, exclusive and defines luxury.


These are the most expensive nightclubs in the world so make sure you won’t waste this life without visit them!