The Most Expensive House for Sale in USA


USA is the land where dreams come true, so at least this is what they say. America known as being one of the richest country in the world, praises itself with  marvelous views, remarkable landscapes and fairy suburbs.

In case you were wondering where it is set the most expensive house in USA and if it is for sale you might start your journey knowing that this house is spectacular and you can easily call it a palace.

According to Zillow Group, the America’s most expensive house for sale, called ” Briar Patch”, set in East Hampton, New York, built in 1930, is the most expensive and luxurious house an american can acquire. This house is not only a spectacle for the eyes it is also the home for  few animals protected by the law as swans, egrets, herons and many others.

The price for this house is awe-inspiring, $140 million, perched on small hill perfectly trimmed for it.This house doesn’t offer you any view, but you can wake up with the Atlantic Ocean kissing your eyes. It is something that everybody must experience at least once.

The dreamy house was built in 1931 and in 1990 the architect Peter Marino renowned it and give it a more luxurious design and now it has its special place on the National Register of Historic Places.

Imagine a house of 10,000-square-foot, feel the breeze of the Ocean, hear the songs of the birds and play with the swans in your imagination and you almost reach the feeling this house gives to you. Christ Whittle and Priscilla Rattazzi are the current lucky owners of this wonderful house.

11.2 acres of land are the endowment of the stunning house everybody wants at least to visit. The property has 2 lots. One of the lots hosts a private art gallery, a conservatory a guesthouse and a spa and gym. It is like you never have to face the urban anymore.

Shepard Krech House, is the main building, with 10,300 square feet of literally living space, a miraculous library and 4 fireplaces which give an ambiance that is hypnotizing.

As you enter in the house you’ll find the most exquisite finishes which give the house a royal aspect. A ceiling which can only makes you wonder how was it made, with luxurious porches, surrounded by  greenery and soothing ebb and flow. Because your breath is already a memory, as you go upstairs you’ll find even more elegance. Here you can find an exercise room where every negative thought you’ve ever had will  dissipate.

A cabinetry which takes you back in 1930s with a curtained sink and typical doors, makes you feel like a person who traveled in time in the most extraordinary place.

The entire estate has 10 large bedrooms, 6 of them are in the main building and 4 of them are in guesthouse. The guesthouse has 3,500 square-feet also the creation of Peter Marino and believe me when I say it is something you think you can find only in books or movies. I will sure be more than happy just with the guesthouse, which has a large, stylish living room, a beautiful modern kitchen, and an entrance driveway.

Yes, this house has a tennis court where your afternoons become richer and more joyful. As I said, living in this house doesn’t require any trip to the town. Who would ever leave Heaven?

Of course you’ll find yourself amazed by a 60-foot pool which has a hot tub attached on it so you don’t have to worry about this. Parties, relaxation drinking cocktails afternoon, an evening meditation, you can do whatever you want at this pool because it is amazingly beautiful.

Or of course you can give yourself a refreshment at the covered porch drinking the finest cocktail and enjoying good company of your family or friends.

But if these are not appealing, than you might want to sail, kayaking, canoeing or paddle boarding because this house is surrounded by open waters which invites you to do all these fun activities.

I strongly invite you to have a trip and visit this astonishing house, if not buy it at least steal some design ideas and start creating your own Heaven.