The most expensive Chocolate in Dubai

Chocolate is passion, flavor, love and healthy. Imagine how is the most expensive chocolate in Dubai.


Chocolate makes us happy and gives us energy. Every time we feel sad or alone chocolate is our best friend and it seems Dubai knows this and launched the most expensive Middle East chocolate.

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A pound of this chocolate costs  $105 but it seems that its taste is created in Heaven.

These boxes of chocolate are sold at Debauve & Gallais’s first Middle East Shop, opened in DIFC. The chocolate is a mixture of dark and different milk chocolates which also includes Truffles and Marie Antoinette’s popular pistoles. This is not only the most expensive chocolate in Dubai it is also the most expensive chocolate in the world.

This box of chocolate was specially created for wealthy people who want to live fine flavor experiences when they eat chocolate. It was designed and created in order to give you happiness and luxury.

expensive chocolate

Chocolate is one of the most demanded product, each ear the market is rising by 20 percent. The dark chocolate especially is a luxurious dessert.

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Chocolate is very famous for its health properties that is why many people choose to eat chocolate instead of going to the doctor for medicament.

  • Dark chocolate is very nutritious; it contains fibers and many minerals.
  • Dark chocolate is a source of antioxidants; it has organic compounds which are biologically active, these include polyphenols, flavanols, catechins.
  • Dark Chocolate impreves blood flow and lower blood pressure
  • Dark Chocolate Raises HDL and Protects LDL Against Oxidation
  • Dark Chocolate  lowers The Risk of Cardiovascular Disease
  • Dark Chocolate Protects your skin against the Sun
  • Dark Chocolate improves Brain Function

Imagine how many health properties has a luxurious expensive dark chocolate made specially for these purposes. This chocolate is for sure one of the best “drug” that you can take when you feel a little bit sick.

I recommend dark chocolate for all those people who think that sweets make you feel better, but of course even healthy chocolate must be eaten with care.

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The most expensive chocolate in Dubai is magic and heavenly.