The Most Expensive Box of chocolates


Ah, chocolate, one of life’s grates pleasures. One of the most popular foods in the entire world. Ever since its discovery in 1900 BC, chocolate has become truly an art form and master chocolatiers have worked to improve the formula and give the most exquisite experience to chocolate lovers. Normally chocolate is not very expensive and it’s available for everybody, but there still are some very high end chocolates that very few people an afford to taste. So what is the most expensive box of chocolates ?

Fritz Knipschildt is a chef and chocolatier from Denmark. He began making chocolate in 1999 with grate passion and dedication, starting out in his one bedroom apartment he worked at perfecting the recipies. Since then he became one of the most famous sweets makers in the world. This award winning chef is also the maker of the most expensive box of chocolate in the world. Chocopologie by Knipschildt is a $ 250 truffle covered in the best dark chocolate. It’s hand made and it has to be ordered in advance. The sale price for a box of chocolates is $ 2,600 for approximately 454 grams.Chocopologie-by-Knipschildt

When it comes to expensive chocolate there’s another category that includes other precious materials, besides chocolate. In order to impress the most extravagant chocolate lovers in the world master chefs combine the best gourmet chocolate with the best … diamonds. Simon Jewelers together with the talented people from Lake Forest Confection have came up with concept that any woman will absolutely adore : a luxurious box of chocolates with a magnificent piece of jewelry inside. Le Chocolat Box is the most expensive box of chocolates in the entire word, the price is around $1.5 Million. A special tread designed for for the rich and famous. Snap1901A special mention to another expensive box of chocolates that combine the finest chocolate with precious materials is the Swarovski studded Chocolates, launched by Harrods with the design by Lebanese chocolatier, Patchi. The box includes 49 chocolates individually wrapped in the best Indian silk, the chocolates are placed in a box that is made out of leather, gold and platinum. Each piece is adorned with with gold, Swarovski and a silk rose. This box surely has that ”Wow factor” with a price of $10,000 per box. The perfect gift for that special someone.1(826)