The Luxury of Sport

Have some courage to try some of the most adventurous sports in the world!


Wealthy people know that a healthy life comes along with some interesting sports which will make your blood boll and your brain scream, because adrenaline is very important in a dynamic life.

That is why wealthy people will always choose to practice some sports which aren’t ordinary and of course not for everyone. A powerful person must show his/her power in any kind of activities.

Today I will show you some remarkable sports which every person of luxury should try because life without some adventure is not worth living.

The Luxury of Sport comes with spectacular types of sports which will blow your mind.

Start living wild! In order to do so, show the world how full of courage and dynamism you are and experience the most expensive and extreme sport which will really redefine your life. Next time The Whitianga Festival of Sports is on, assure your sit there because believe me when I say you want to live this experience. This sport happens during a sport event. New Zealand organizes this even annually where you can participate at different speed sports. The best part is that includes a helicopter race, an offshore powerboat race, jet ski racing, rally car vs. helicopter racing, and parachute swooping. It sound phenomenal. So to join this even you must own a helicopter and other expensive equipment. So dear ladies and gentlemen I hope next time this sport is on, you’ll be there.


If you think that this is not suitable for you and you are more of a winter sports person than good for you that many sports were invented for this matter and one of the most expensive is on the list. I’m referring here to Ski Jumping which really is about jumping near the sky. Maybe you already did this and you know that a sky jumping equipment is very expensive while a special equipment for competitive ski jumping is even more expensive. Only the skis would cos $2,500 and don’t forget that you definitely need a trainer. While you need a trainer you also need access to ski jumps for training which again cost a lot of money. So thinking a little bit, a competitive ski jumper would need approx. $100,00 every year. But this is not all, the insurance policy is what cost more than anything. The risks of death are so high so the insurance policy is higher.


Next phenomenal sport is my favorite and I bet many of you really enjoy it and feels like flying when they do it. It is relaxing, adventurous, extreme and incredible. Hot Air Balloon Racing. Maybe you didn’t even know there’s a balloon racing but lucky us, there is. An hour ride for a recreational ride is approx $300 depends on the country. Well when we’re talking about owning and competing in those balloons the prices change considerably. To buy a balloon would cost you $20.000 and of course many other costs: like balloon inspection which would cost another $350. Inspections must be done annually or every 100 hours of flight time. Getting your pilot’s license can cost between $1,250 and $3000. After that come the costs of equipment: navigational devices and the storage fees. Fuel for a balloon costs between $15- $30 an hour and inflating the balloons would cost at least $900. You need a crew which must follow the flight plan and inflate and deflate the balloon. The fee for such a competition and you’ll also need an insurance which would cost up to $1,200 annually. Well a balloon resists between 300-500 hours of flight and then they need to be replaced. But don’t you think this sport is extraordinary?


Because we want some diversity in our lives we can also try Bobsledding. With a strange name this sport is also strange. Bobsledding is similar to F1 because it requires corporate sponsorship for those without too much hope of participating. A bobsled might cost around $25.000 and its train is very expensive because there are not many bobsled runs in the world. To construct a bobsled costs millions of dollars and because bobsledding is a team sport well it requires four times the cost.


I find the next sport one of the most amazing in the world because it really allows you to fly so what can be more magnificent than this?Wingsuiting is about flying the human body using air and a special jumpsuit which is called wingsuit. It adds surface area to the human body. The wingsuit costs $2.500 and what is really expensive is the money you need to get into the air and back on solid ground safety. You need to take skydivng lessons, purchase gear, rent a plane, pay the pilot and of course the insurance. So a recreational wingsuiting would cost $30.000 a year, without the insurance.


I hope I really have you some ideas for what to do interesting and adventurous.