The Invisible Pool in London

The invisible pool or sky pool in London is one of a kind


The Invisible Pool in London is located at the luxurious apparent complex named The Embassy Gardens and it’s the first of its kind. The first sky pool.

What is a invisible pool you might ask, well it’s pool suspended above the city in a glass structure, this way you can see the city streets above as you swim in the sky not with the fish but with the birds actually. It can probably be a little scary if you are afraid of heights but for those who don’t have that problem, the experience will certainly be amazing.

Sean Mulryan is the developer of this unique idea and together with some aquarium designers came up with the final result. A pool made from heavy duty 8 inch thick glass, 10 feet deep water and 82 feet long all this suspended above London between 2 apparent blocks. Muran which is also the CEO of Ballymore Group wanted to make something so unique that challenged the engineering field “My vision for the sky pool stemmed from a desire to push the boundaries in the capability of construction and engineering, I wanted to do something that had never been done before.” And he did accomplish that with this amazing project.

embassy-gardens_190815_01The residents of this luxurious complex building can actually swim between towers to the spas and bars that are located on the rooftop. There will also be another bridge connecting the two towers that can be walked by foot if you don’t want to swim the distance. The whole construction will be finished in 2017 and will certainly bring a lot of attention to the area.

116079932_Embassy_353168cThe Embassy Gardens residential building is a luxury apartment complex of 2000 homes including 100 hotel rooms available for rent, the prices for an apartment here start at $950,000. The residents are mostly very wealthy people from Asia and Middle East but anybody with that kind of money can buy an apartment here or at least rent a room for a few days and be amazed not only with the apartment but with the surroundings and innovative projects.