The best Airport Restaurants

When you think about Airport food you generally don't expect luxury but these restaurants offer a gourmet experience right at the Airport's terminal.

airport restaurants

For those who travel a lot and spend much time in the Airports, food options are sometimes not that special. Usually when we think about airport food or airport restaurants we don’t expect much glamour. But the truth is that Airports are starting to offer travelers better choices and you can find some really great Airport Restaurants right at the terminals. Some of them even have Michelin Starred chefs that guaranteed you will have a delicious meal before your next flight and don’t even have to leave the Airport.

Some of these restaurants are so good that are starting to get famous and even non-travelers will book a table at the terminal just because it’s easier to find a spot than in another place in the downtown of the city.

One of the airports that has an amazing menu is Geneva International Airport (Switzerland). At Termina 1 you can find Altitude, a restaurant that has creations of Michelin Starred chefs Gilles Dupont, Thomas Byrne and Fabien Legon. At this high end French restaurant you can taste delicacies like foie gras, sautéed veal fillet and carnaroli risotto. restaurant altitude

Another awesome restaurant that you can find in an Airport is Porta Gaig at El Prat Airport (Spain). At Terminal 1, this restaurant is supervised by Michelin awarded Chef Charles Gaig. And if El Prat is not on your way, there’s another fine restaurant at the Terminal 3 of Malaga Airport, called La Moraga, this one is run by Dani Garcia, another Michelin starred chef and winner of the National Gastronomy Prize in Spain. La Moraga is popular among the locals too not only the tourists. La Moraga, Malaga AirportI Love Paris at the Charles de Gaulle Airport, Paris in Terminal 2E is a restaurant by three Michelin star Chef Guy Martin. Here you can find stylish French dishes like pot-au-feu and Blanquette de veal en cocotte, roasted monkfish, and blue lobster. 	i love parisPlane Food at the London Heathrow Airport is a restaurant by the very famous Chef Gordon Ramsay, here you can taste modern European cuisine from the creations of the star chef but without having to wait weeks until you get a table. At Plane Food your order is brought within 25 minutes and it’s not that crowded as a city restaurant. You can find it at Terminal 5. Plane Food, London Heathrow Airport, UKIf you are flying to Hong Kong check out Hung’s Delicacies at the Hong Kong International Airport. One of the best Airport Restaurants, this place draws not only tourists that are passing by through the airport but also locals. “I treat every customer as a gourmet and listen to their opinions. That’s the reason why I can cook unique dishes,” chef Lai Wai-Hung told CNNHung's Delicacies at the Hong Kong International Airport