Tesla Model X

Discover this brand new Tesla Model X which is outlandish.


This car is given you exactly what you see. This Tesla Model X is here to redefine the segment of SUVs and MPVs.

It is simply a fabulous car with the purpose of redefining the luxurious cars. A $130.000 electric vehicle is the new jewel of people who expected this car so badly. It can go 250 miles on a charge, capable of caring 7 people and it has a capacity for stuffs very large. 

You will look at it and you’d probably say that it is a little alike with the fabulous Model S P90D Sedan, but this new Tesla Model x is above that one.

It doesn’t take your breath away only with its design, or with its futuristic look, it’s about its performances and this car really knows what fast means. Of course it will impress you with its remarkable dramatic “falcon” doors which lift up.

Tesla Model X Gulf Luxury

Combining all its features you will have the result an unbelievable desirable car.


“The mission of Tesla is to accelerate the advent of sustainable transport,” CEO Elon Musk said at the car’s reveal, held at the company’s factory in Fremont, California. “It’s important to know that any kind of car can go electric.”

Tesla Model X Gulf Luxury
Tesla Model X

There is no need to repeat that this car will leave you amazed forever. The mind-bending acceleration, a marvelous design and those rear passenger doors which only make you scream. These door are called “falcon” because they lift as they were the wings of a gorgeous bird. Because Tesla thinks at everything, it figured it out how to design the doors in order not to need to much space and by accident to hit someone. These doors are capable of scanning the area around the vehicle after that it adjust the ” span” and open without any problems.

Tesla Model X

Tesla engineers claim that the doors are capable of opening with as little as 12 inches on each side of the vehicle. Each door has capacitive sensors which sense obstacle within 2 to 4 inches so it is not our concern.

Yes, it is an extravagant car.

The new Tesla Model X is very large and voluminous. There are whispers between engineers that it can carry a sheet of plywood inside of it or it can swallow a surfboard without problems. Tesla thought again at important details and decided to create an accessory hitch that holds 4 bikes or six pairs of skis and it can easily be attached to the back of the car.

This new model has Class 3 towing capacity, which it mean 5.000 pounds.

The “monopost” design is another special detail of this car. The design of the second-row seats means that each of the seats have its own chrome-plated post so you can adjust each seat fore and aft providing room for everyone’s feet. The inspiration for these seats were the high-end office chair.

Tesla says about its car that has the largest windshield ever installed in a production vehicle, which permits you to have a splendid view.

This beauty has already managed to have some competition.