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In March this year, Swiss watchmaker announced the launching of the TAG Heuer smartwatch, at the Baselworld and now it has finally had its debut.

This revolutionary smartwatch known as TAG HUER CONNECTED, costs $1,500.

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” This concept may sound simple on the surface, but it goes to the heart of the product’s appeal as well as the value TAG Heuer was able to bring to the existing smartwatch market. Why is a smartwatch not a watch? This is one of the enduring arguments traditional watch lovers have when it comes to connected wrist-worn devices that we typically know as smartwatches. Is a smartwatch a watch? Sure it is, yet many people continue to feel that smartwatches and traditional watches belong in distinct categories. Even the Apple AAPL -0.83% Watch, with its intense level of engineering and polished design, is often not considered to be a “watch.” said TAG Heuer CEO Jean-Claude Biver.


This smartwatch is definitely something new and people will adore it instantly and buyers can exchange the titanium-cased device for a mechanical counterpart, if they respect the terms imposed by the company.This is a very new approach and people appreciate it.

“It will only work with iOS handsets to a limited extent – to show messages and do basic things – but as soon as you want to add additional apps from the Android Wear store, you need to be on the Android platform,” said Alexander Linz, from the Watch-Insider news site.

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The Heuer is a complete functional smartwatch Swiss created to intrigue you and to make you want it right now.

TAG-Heuer-Connected-gulf luxury

TAG Heuer Connected is created with Android Wear havin 4,000 available apps on the Google Play store. You will be glad to know that is is also iOS compatible.

This is not an ordinary smartwatch, it was designed with titanium, sapphire and its touchscreen technology reflects world-class quality.

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TAG-Heuer gulf luxury

“The Tag Heuer Connected watch gives you the means not only to connect to the future, but also to connect to eternity,” said chief executive Jean-Claude Biver.