Stylish iPhone 6 Cases

Your iPhone 6 need a stylish case to protect it. We protect things we love


Every person who admire himself/herself has an expensive phone and many people choose the iPhone 6 style because beside being an elegant phone it is also indeed extremely smart.

For a such expensive and precious phone you need protection and how could you protect it better, than with a stylish case. It will also make it look even more elegant and it will protect it like no others.

Let’s see some stylish iPhone 6 cases:

iPhone 6 Case Slim Armor CS: This Armor features a sliding back compartment which has room for 2 credit cards or IDs. Air Cushion Technology was chosen for this one because gives extreme shock absorption and device protection. If you want your phone to be indestructible, this is the case you need.

iPhone-6-Case-Slim-Armor-CS iPhone 6 cases gulf luxury

iPhone 6 Case Neo Hybrid Metal: this one is made of premium aluminum frame and anti-stretch TPU. It is definitely high quality because of the dual layer metal with TPU composition. The protection is guaranteed. The buttons are also created of aluminium and the inner lining of the buttons have also a suede protective layer because the iPhone mustn’t come into direct contact with the metal.

iPhone-6-Case-Neo-Hybrid-Metal iPhone cases gulf luxury

Maxboost iPhone 6 Case: simplicity, elegance and functionality. This case has them all. The design is very graceful with energy colors and of course high lasting protection. The fabric interior is specially created to prevent scratches.

Maxboost-iPhone-6-Case iPhone cases gulf luxury

i-Blason Transformer Apple iPhone 6 Case: Slim hard shell case with a finish created to protect and also to be multi functional. It is light weight, with elevated edges which protect the screen from being shattered if you drop it. Ultimate flexibility which allows you to watch anything you want on the phone more comfortable.

iBlason-Transformer-Apple-iPhone-6-Case iPhone cases gulf luxury

Maple Wood Protective Hard Case for iPhone 6: Made of one of the most high quality genuine wood, a friend of the environment and without any toxicity in it. This case will make your phone more stylish and elegant. The laser engraved technique offers a more aesthetic visual and beautiful looking. It is perfectly made for this phone, more than easy to install.

Maple-Wood-Protective-Hard-Case-for-iPhone-6 iPhone cases gulf luxury

Spigen Neo Hybrid Case for iPhone 6: this case is the definition of stylish cases and elegance providing full coverage of your iPhone. UV-coated hard polycarbonate frame and a high-polymer-coated TPU cover.

Spigen-Neo-Hybrid iPhone cases gulf luxury