Stylish and Expensive Fabrics

Find out which are the finest fabrics in the world.

expensive fabrics

Wealthy people will always search for the best fabrics in the world, because you can’t just be content with ordinary fabrics which you can find everywhere.

Luxury is about masterpieces, imagination, creativity, style and rarity ,that is why these fabrics presented here, are haunted by wealthy people and are more important than food.

Until recently cashmere was thought to be the softest fabric in the world desired by everyone.

The rarest and the softest and most wanted fabric in the world is VICUNA, being found rarely than pearls. Vicuna is an animal which looks like a llama, found in Peru. Their orange fur and white patches make this material very unusual. These beautiful animals are the smallest and the most graceful members of the camelid species. Their coat is so warm that they can survive in mountains.

Beside being the warmest and the most interesting fabric on Earth, of course it is the most expensive. Wall Street Journal estimates the price of a coat at $20.000 or a scarf of about $4000. This fabric is phenomenal being  finest fiber that can ever be spun. This is definitely a luxurious fabric for those people who only want perfection.

The sad fact is that Vicunas now are more and more rare because they are haunted for their coat and meet and the beautiful creatures are disappearing.



The next fabric is Wool: wool comes in different fabrics and the most expensive it is brought from the Vulcana sheep, which is the national animal of Peru. It is so expensive because this iconic sheep can be shorn every three years. People pay a lot of money for this fabric its price starting from #1.800 to $3000 per yard, so a scarf might cost $20.000. In good relation with this fabric is also cashmere wool which is also extremely expensive.


Every woman knows the power of silk and she will never underestimate it because it is one of the most famous fabric in the world. We can remember here Mulberry Silk, Muga silk, Spider silk, Velvet and Charmeuse silk which are luxurious royal silk fabrics. The first one, Mulberry is something only women who live luxury like a routine will understand. It is the finest and the softest silk a man’s hand can ever touch and of course this makes it the most expensive in the wold.



The most famous maybe and the oldest fabric on Earth is FUR. For many years people who worn fur clothes were considered the most luxurious appearances and the wealthiest people in society. This fabric is used for clothes, home decorations and accessories.





Linen: This is another very desirable fabric and one of the most expensive in the world because you really look very stylish wearing it and it is high-quality. What makes it so expensive is the fact that it’s produced from growing flax plant and it is woven. Many people prefer it because it is more resistant, lighter and it can be easily dry.



Stylish and expensive fabrics are a must in any wealthy person’s wardrobe so make sure you have them in yours.