Royalé Dream, the most expensive perfume set

The Royalé Dream is the most expensive collection of perfumes, it has 3 luxurious fragrances that will enchant your senses.


Many people would agree that perfume is one of the most important accessories, its just one of those things that makes us be remarked in a crowd. Perfume opens senses and it’s a great way to express ourselves. Luxury has a distinctive kind of smell, you can actually tell a lot about someone based on their perfume and if you really want to make an impression, how about with the words most expensive perfume set called Royalé Dream.

This perfume set is a combination between the art of jewellery and the art of perfume, the most luxurious materials make the recipient for the most amazing ingredients. The Royalé Dream is the result of the collaboration between World Of Diamonds Group and Cuarzo The Circle Author Perfumes. When one of the best perfumers in the world and the leader group of diamond distributor unite, you have to expect ultra-luxury.

The Royalé Dream is a set of three powerful perfumes, one is for men, one for women and another one for both (unisex). The bottles are stored in a magnificent and unique Fabergé egg that has a lambskin interior.

Earth is the fragrance for men. The perfume has a base of pure Oud oil, the most expensive oil in the world. It also has 10 colorless diamonds weighing 0.41 carats. The scent express power and control, very masculine and luxurious, perfect for the man who knows what he wants and how to get it.

Celestial is a feminine scent with floral notes, Lotus, Water Lily, Violet, Peach and Jasmine are mixed in with six pink diamonds. An ethereal perfume that will make the wearer feel like a divine creature.

Enlightenment is a unisex perfume. This bottle has 24k gold flakes floating in a combination of unique scents gathered from all over the world. A mysterious perfume that can be worn by both male and females and that will wake up your creativity.

The Royalé Dream bottles also come accompanied by a white gold ring with a 0.85 carat rare vivid blue diamond. The whole set is $190,000. The Royalé Dream