Richest men in UAE

These are the richest men in UAE an they really know what wealth means!

richest men

Because I am very interested to know something about the richest men in UAE, I decided to tell you about them in today’s article.

We already saw who are the most beautiful Arab women now it’s high time to meet the richest men in UAE and they are really impressive characters.

The fifth richest men in UAE is named Abdul Aziz and he was born on 2nd November 1954 in the UAE. He is a billionaire who attended California State Polytechnic University, currently married with 5 beautiful children. He’s 59 year old, being the Chief Executive Officer of Mashreq, a famous leading commercial bank in the UAE. His bank was founded in 1960 by his father, Abdulla bin Ahmad Al Ghurair. That was the period when UAE had a fast economic growth due to the discovery of vast oil reserves. The firm was constantly expending into publishing, real estate, constructions, food and petrochemical sectors. Abdud Azis also owns a capital group and The Arab Business Angels Network. He has 50% stake in Libya’s largest oir refinery. He is definitely an important figure in UAE.

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The forth richest men in UAE is Abdulla bin Ahmad Al Ghurair, $3.1 billion. He is the president and chairman of Mashreq Bank PSC. Back in 1967 he founded Mashreq bank during UAE’s period of fast economic growth. He runs the Mashreq Bank PSC together with his family. He is the chairman and his son is the CEO and Sultan Al Ghurair is in charge with the board of the bank. Al Ghurair is also the owner of a conglomerate which is investing in food, retail and construction industries.

richest men

Majid Al Futtaim, $3.6 billion is another important figure in the economy of UAE. His wealth also comes from an inheritance but he is a remarkable investor in retail and commercial real estate properties. He founded Majid AL Futtaim Holdings back in 1992 which operates retail, leisure establishments and shopping mall in towns from North Africa and the Middle East. His firm doesn’t stop here and it operates in other 12 countries around the world. The firm has 3 subsidiaries operating 11 hotels and 16 shopping malls, 48 Carrefour supermarkets and 50 hypermarkets across 12 countries. It also develops entertainment and leisure establishments. Maybe you’ve heard about Ski Dubai, Magic Planet, VOX Cinema or iFly. Majid also owns a finance firm, a fashion retail business and he now wants to overtake Dalkia. He recently bought the Mansour Brother’s Metro supermarket chain.

richest men

On the list of the richest men in UAE we remind Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum $18 billion who is the first major political player on UAE. He is the Prime Minister and the Vice President of the UAE. He prouds himself with 23 smart children with whom he shares his fortune. He loves philanthropy and controversy and he is very involved in raising money for the education of children who live in poor areas. He is very interested in his bank account, his yachts and throroughbred horses.

richest men

And finally the richest man in UAE is Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed al-Nahayan ($15-$23billion). He is 65 years old and he is the richest men in UAE, being the President. After the death of his beloved father he was elected the President of UAE and the leader of Abu Dhabi. He is in control of an estimated 97.8 billion barrels of oil reserves and operated the second largest sovereign wealth fund on Earth. He own 30-acre estate in Seychelles and also controls huge reserves of oil. Sheikh Khalifa also invests in different sectors of the economy.

richest men