Rent a Private Jet in Doha

Renting a jet gives you the possibility of enjoying a luxurious and stress free flight.

private Jet rent

Whenever you are visiting Qatar for business or for pleasure and you need to do a lot of traveling in a short period of time, the best option is to rent a private jet in Doha. The renting of a jet has many benefits, you can fly on your own terms, just call the company and they will have your jet ready in a few hours. Another advantage is the fact that is stress free, there are no commercial hubs, you can park your car, or taxi, just next to the plane and you are ready to board in 5 to 10 minutes and after you reach your destination a car will be ready for you to pick you up. So traveling with a private jet is not only that, private, it’s also fast and comfortable.qatar-executive-jet-businessThere are a few companies that offer a private jet in Doha, some are international and some are from Qatar, either way, the confidentiality and the luxury of such a flight is the main aspect. All the companies, and even private jet owners that rent their plane, will make sure your experience is satisfactory.

Qatar Executive is part of the Qatar Airlines and has a few jets available for private flights wherever you might need. Their fleet consists of of eight modern Bombardier Challenger 605, Global aircraft and a 40-seat Airbus. All of these options have the greatest level of luxury and comfort. The pilots are experienced and this airline actually has an incident free safety record, making it one of the safest in the world. Qatar Executive is at your service 24 hours, 7 days a week, making this company perfect for your business travels or for personal use. 	private jet

The New Doha International Airport also has the possibility of private flights.

Paramount Business Jets offers the possibility of private flights all over the world since 2005. The prices can vary depending not only on the flight and plane but also on the time. During the holidays when there is a high demand of flights, the prices might be bigger, also if you call for the plane last minute the price will be accordingly. At this company you can get very light jets, light jets, midsize jets, large jets, VIP, turboprop and even helicopters. Price starts at $2,200 per hour and can go up to $23,000 per hour depending on the type of jet.

There are other international companies that offer the possibility of renting a private jet in Doha like Monarch Air Group, Jet Charters, Prive Jets and many more.