Reasons you should follow Formula 1 in Abu Dhabi

Need a reason to follow Formula 1? Here are several reason why you should definitely follow Formula 1


Remember when I told you about the greatest car races in the world? Well this Formula 1 will surely blow all your senses and desires and every person in ABu Dhabi should follow it and be there because it will be one of the event of the year. Formula 1 in Abu Dhabi is definitely the event that you will be talking about next year!

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Don’t miss this Sunday the end of the Formula 1 which will impress with the ABu Grande Prix and promises a fabulous entertainment.

formula 1 abu dhabi the grand prix

First reason you should attend this event is the face that it is a World Champion ship dominated by Mercedes teammates Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg. Hamilton has managed to win 10 Grand Prix and because of mechanical problems he didn’t succed in winning the title.Hamilton leads all riders with 334 points and his collegue Rosberg with 317.

This year the winner of the race will win 50 points.

formula 1 abu dhabi event

The second reason you should be at Formula 1 this Sunday is because there could be a first time 2008 Hamilton was crowned a World Champion and in 2014 he succeded in doubling his career and he felt the proud of the podium.

The most logic reason for being at the event on Sunday is the fact that it is a global sport for which people would die to attend. In Abu Dhabi the events starts at 5p.m being the perfect time to have such a delightful event to watch. It will last for approx two hours so you have plenty of time doing something else afterwards.

formula 1 abu dhabi

Be ready to be amazed by the next reason which will give you the pleasure of seing the championship under the lights because the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix will be lighten by the stars.

Of course another important reason is that this even really gives you adrenaline and makes you feel excited and commited to the race.

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It is a perfect choice to be shared with your family and friends and you can all go have some drinks afterwards and talk about all the thirll you had. It will be incredibly fun!