Pieces of Tech Needed by Small Businesses

Your business needs technology if you want to see results in short time!


Small business big business doesn’t matter. There are technologies which you need despite any matter and if you are a starter and you don’t know from where to begin, that is why I’m here.

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I decided to make a brief list of the most important pieces of tech needed by small businesses or even bigger ones. The idea is that your business will be more successful in a short time if you decide to buy these pieces of tech. They can’t harm you, they will just do your job easier.

  •  Accounting Software: Even though you hired an accountant or a bookkeeper, it is still extremely important, according to the U.S Small Business Administration to have an accounting software. You will able to monitor profit and loss with only a glance and you will also be able to manage your company’s budget. Don’t take it for granted it is very important for your business.
  • Time Tracking Software: This device make payroll far more easier by allowing employees to clock in and you will be able to see what activities take longest. A cardboard display requires hours and a time software figures out exactly how much each hour of work earned in profit.
  • Custom eBlast Software: Doesn’t matter if you work with Mailchimp or Constant Contact, you need a way to advertise electronically. eBlast system is the best. It can be a boxed program or an online one which starts gathering email addresses of your best customers. It can be part of the loyalty program and you will have an accurate list very quickly. This way your customers know about all the deals, offers and events.
  • Gift Cards and Customer Loyalty Cards: You need a high-tech POS setup for a more successful business. Gift cards with magnetic strips are far more better.
  • Label Printer and Software: In order to use a barcode scanner you need first to apply barcodes to the products. That is why you need a label printer for your scanner to read and a custom software to assure that the codes are unique and trackable.

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