Most Powerful Women in the World

Learn about these amazing women who are continually changing the world!


Since the beginning of humanity there was this fight between women and men. Who is more powerful, who is more intelligent, who has more money and so on. What should we do is realizing that we are different but both can become powerful figures without question.

Being a powerful woman is not that great because the work you put and you continually put on this title is immense. You sacrifice time, pleasure, social life almost everything in order to complete your duties.

So let’s see a brief top of most powerful women in the world. 

Angela Merkel. She is the chancellor of Germany and for the past 9 years she has always been the most powerful woman on Earth. She has managed to clinch a third 4 years term of most dynamic economy of Europe, last year in December, so she became the head of state who had the longest-serving. She is fighting for human rights and she’s always trying to find methods against the global economic crisis, she is also an important figure in helping Greece with its economy. She doesn’t use her power to have free lunch but she uses it against ISIS and she wants to break the post-Nazi-Era ideas. When Russia wanted so badly Ukraine she tried to reach a peace deal with Vladimir Putin.


So if you thought that the most powerful woman in the world is some movie celebrity, than I hope you really understand what power really means in this case.

Hillary Clinton is the second most powerful woman on Earth. She is the presumptive Democratic front-runner in 2016. She is the first lady in history to become a U.S Senator and she also candidates for presidential. She wrote a bestselling memoir” Hard Choices” which propelled her a seven-figure advance. She is a very important woman who can even decide the course of US’s life.


Melinda Gates this woman is extraordinary. She is the most philanthropic and global developer donating $3.9 billion and more than $33 billion in grant payments. She founded the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in 2000. She is very dedicated to her ideas and visions and she managed to be an inspiration to other important donors in the world. She was also able to change the visions of founders who weren’t looking at philanthropy the way they look now. Her new target is to raise money for championing investments in women and girls from the entire world. In my opinion this woman must be an angel.



Janet Yellen is a woman who wrote history. In 2014 she became the first female head of Federal Reserve. What she succeeded doing is amazing. She is now responsible for the economy of central banks and she created a program which succeeded purchasing to $0 from $85 billion. What this woman did with her power can’t be understood by people who don’t work with numbers. It is enough for Yellen to say one word and the entire economy can collapse or can rise like a Phoenix.



Mary Barra this woman is the first female to had a Big 8 automaker last year. She witnessed faulty ignitions, like being blamed for 74 deaths and 126 injuries, pressures from investors who wanted big amounts of money. So she decided at 35 years old to make Cadillac one of the most luxurious brand in the world, focusing on growing in China and she finally became the most important technology leader. Yes, even me thought that beyond the scenes of Cadillac stays a man but the true is: a woman runs everything. Her way of thinking is very disciplined and she takes decisions in order to have only benefits.



Hope you really had some revelations reading this top of the first fifth most powerful women in the world and from now on, nobody can argue that women can’t become rulers.