A trip inside on one of the most Luxury Penthouse in Dubai

Another level of luxury is a royal penthouse!


If you are taking into consideration the idea of buying a penthouse I would say, wait no more, because it is a brilliant idea that will make you incredibly proud and happy. Living in a penthouse is like you show the world you are a wealthy person who is always searching for a luxury lifestyle.

Dubai is one of the most expensive city which has some of the most luxurious penthouses in the world which impress with their complicated elegant designs created by famous interior designers famous for their work.

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Get ready to be amazed by a trip inside on one of the most luxury penthouse in Dubai which will blow all your expectations and the first thought it will be that you must live in such a penthouse.

A three-story, with 5,404 square foot area, this extravagant penthouse was decorated by Fendi Cavalli, Hermes a one who you can’t confuse, Louis Vuitton. So only the simple idea of having a penthouse furnished by Louis Vuitton is already luxury. This marvel is located in Sky Gardens, DIFC, with features like an indoor waterfall, an indoor garden and fabulous views of Downtown Dubai.

Inside-luxurious-penthouse gulf luxury

Once you are inside the penthouse you will be welcomed by a Hindu architecture, Vaastu. An open space living room beautified with an Admiral Piano, a staircase made entirely by glass and Cavalli furnishing which is simply amazing.

Inside-luxurious-penthouses_living room gulf luxury

An unique detail about this penthouse is a fabulous floor to ceiling artwork which features the “99 names of Allah”. Iranian expensive silk rugs and tapestries maintain the floors warm and extravagant and you will also notice woven created by the famous weavers Tabriz Faragi, Nain Habianhan and Qum Kazam.

Because any penthouse has a majestic dining room this one is also phenomenal. A charming Fendi Chandelier, Visionnaire dining table and chairs and because everything is made by a famous designer so are the vases, created by William Yeoward.

If you want to really live like a rich person who only accepts perfection, then you need to do like the  owner did adding Italian aqua di parma installed into the air conditioners so every time you come in the perfume will enchant you.

This is not all, the kitchen of this penthouse is absolutely fabulous furnished with hand-made Armani and Versace cutlery. What about this?The best part of the kitchen is that it has floor to ceiling windows so you can admire the beauty of Dubai without any problems.

kitchen penthouse gulf luxury

To get upstairs you will climb an elegant unique spiral stair where the first thing you will notice is a creative chandelier made to impress, multiple artworks of course and four amazing bedrooms. 

upstairs penthouse gulf luxury

The bedrooms of this majestic penthouse are about royalty. A world-class suite featuring Hermes cupboards, perfect carpeting and unbelievable onyx-black chandeliers.

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The penthouse also has 2 bedrooms for children, a mirror bedroom for adults and several extravagant charming bathroom.