Most Handsome Men in the World

Be impressed by the most handsome men in the World.

handsome men

Because in a previous article we saw who are the most beautiful women in the world, now is time to see who are the most handsome men in the world.

Ladies hope you prepared your souls because these men are just splendid. 

  1. Omar Borkan Al Gala is the sexiest and the most desirable men in the world. With the most beautiful smile I had ever seen this man wasn’t so famous until recently. His history is very funny. Omar was asked to leave Kingdom of Saudi Arabia because women couldn’t resist him. Well after you see him you will convince yourself why. Because of his Arabic Mediterranean looks and a pair of eyes which seem from another world he was named the hottest man in the world.



2 The second most handsome man in the world is Robert Pattinson, famous for his vampire character which made him so wanted by women.  His unnatural looks like Gothic eyes  and an outstanding charisma drive women crazy.



Ian Somerhalder is the third most hottest man in the world and his smile just makes you want him to be your husband. Every girl and woman talks about this perfect looking man and many of them dream about him at night. Being a professional actor and model this man drives you crazy.



4. Simon Baker is one of a kind man. Full of charm and sexiness this Australian actor and director makes you want to be single again. Just look at his smile and you will figure it out.



5. Jhonny Depp  this wonderful man is still one of the sexiest man in the world. He was always desired and loved by all the women on Earth and he still is. Everyone has at least once in their lives thought about this incredible man.



6.  James Mcavoy is a handsome Scot, and his wanted personality is something mind blowing. He is famous for his characters in Narnia, The Lion, X Man-First Class and Wanted. His sexy kisses scenes made women go crazy.


7.Taylor Lautner  impresses with his appearance and body which is very good sculptured. I think many women wish their partners have such abs. This is a handsome man who really made some show with his beauty.


 Yes these men are some marvels and they really are handsome.