Most Famous Perfumes for Men

Men of power will have a powerful perfume!

famous perfume

As a woman I can tell you that I adore my man to smell incredible. It even makes me love him more so it must be something about these perfumes.

Well a perfume is like an attitude, it describes you. The perfect perfume will make you feel confident, powerful and must give the feeling that you can rule the world.

I will begin my list of the most famous perfumes for men with the most expensive one which is:

Clive Christian No. 1 Pure Perfume for Men sold for $2,350. It’s a shame that I don’t have the possibility to post a picture on which you could smell it. This elegant bottle of perfume is the most expensive in the world because it was created with the rarest ingredients taken from different parts of the world. Its bottle is made from crystal and its neck is made of gold. So this perfume smells like luxury and more than this there is a five karat diamond included in the gold inset. The original perfume is from the late 1800 and this one which we all now is designed to be a perfectly match of that one which was granted by the majesty, Queen Victoria. You can just imagine how good men will smell.

famous perfume

Caron’s Poivre was sold for $2,000 being an unisex fragrance with a history dated back in the 1950’s. Many people debate this perfume, not knowing exactly if it is more suited for men that for women but it’s all about body chemistry and how your skin interacts with the scent. The fragrance will blow your mind with a spicy start and peppery notes and then you’ll be amazed by a floral scent. You and your partner can wear it together.

famous perfume

Ambre Topkapi sold for $610 is an expensive cologne for men, having a very strong fragrance and the more it lasts it becomes a fresh and woody scent. Pierre Bourdon created this marvelous perfume mixing strong spices (bergamot, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg with grapefruit, pineapple and lavender. Its bottle is also very interesting and manly.

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Clive Christian C Perfume is another invention of Clive, making us adore it once again. First created for women, the company decided afterwards to launch it for men as well. Different ingredients are making this perfume so special like: rose, amber, lemon and jasmine. It can last for approx 24 hours. It also has an elegant bottle perfect for a gift. Its price is $375.


Straight to Heaven by Kilian sold for only $225 is another famous perfume among gentlemen. Its secret ingredient is rum which was also the inspiration for it. You’ll meet a woody and spicy fragrance mixed with musk, jasmine, patchouli, Virginia cedar, amber, nutmeg, vanilla and the jewel rum. People say that the fragrance reminds them of tropics.

famous perfume

These are the most famous perfumes for men which I hope they already exist in your collection!